Bridge passes until work is finished

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Tuesday from the bridges will be made free to pass the announced.
Erdoğan, who explained in his speech at the Kocaeli Provincial Congress of his party, stated that the traffic tolls of Istanbul will be lifted. Let me give the gospel. As of Tuesday, we make the transition from bridges free of charge. We said 'at least pay wages and so on' and we decided to make the transition free of charge. The bridges will run free of charge until they are finished. Bu Accordingly, the date of the end of the work will be given until the 17 September to use the bridge from the toll will not be charged. It is true that there is a problem in Istanbul. Someone's offended by that. It is necessary to know that there are similar things all over the world. The effort here is for man. There may be tactical errors. I hope the 3 month will endure it, 3 is in peace after months. But 2 will finish 3 Bridge a year later. Marmaray, on the one hand, opens in October next year at 29. In 2014 I hope you're opening the tube gateway.

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