Foca participating in the fast-breaking AK Party Izmir deputy Sengul, Kocaoglu, said he would leave the construction of the subway

AK Party Izmir deputy Aydin Sengul, Izmir, Foca district was founded by the iftar dinner was opened by citizens with citizens.
Şengül, who visited the Foca District Presidency before the end of the Iftar, received information about the organization work from the President Kadir Özgirgin and listened to the views of the members of the board of directors. Şengül visited the tradesmen and citizens in Sevgi Street together with the district administrators and gave information about his party's projects in Foça.
Subsequently, Şengül, who attended to the iftar dinner of the district governor's office, refused to accept the iftar meal being brought to the table, and entered the queue like other citizens.
Answering questions from journalists in the aftermath of Iftar Şengül, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu questions about the questions, "Mubarak Ramadan evening to force us to answer with Mr. Kocaoglu do not have to force," he said. Nevertheless, "18 may not make a station in the year there are municipalities," he pointed to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu'e responding, "who did what people see. Let Mr Kocaoglu drop off other mayors, mind his own business. Our citizens know well about the investments made in Ankara, Istanbul and similar cities. I can't remember how many times Mr. 6-7 can be times. Maybe more. It's always giving a new date. What is in my mind on this issue related to Mr. Kocaoglu, 'What can we do, we cry and let's be our eyes' he said. Let him work, let other municipalities do his own crying, let him take care of his own business. We've said that a lot of times. Our Minister of Transport has stated that he has contributed all kinds of contributions in Izmir. He could go out and say. 'I can't do it, I can't do it, do it.' This is a virtue, an important behavior. If we say that we are ready to finish the subway as a government, Bunu he said.
Şengül also criticized the fact that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that they would also consider the waste of the Haflinger breed, which was brought from Austria for the Kordon carriages. Şengül answered the question eng Is horse ointment an ointment for the wound of İzmir? Hem and said, “I congratulate Mr. Kocaoğlu. This is a bit like the story of Nasreddin Hodja. 'The sheep will go through the wire of the teacher will sell them socks and socks.' I have nothing to say, I refer to God. Our people give the necessary answer so I don't want to comment too much. Halk

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