Finally, there is a change in the trams of the old German Konya

Trams that lead to great problems in public transportation in Konya are now in history. Instead of the old German citizens, the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, new trams will find a cure for transportation.
Trams, which have an important place in public transportation, received great reactions from every part of the society. Very old and slow with the hot weather in a state that will never be pulled trams, no longer in the past. Konya Metropolitan Municipality has promised for years, the new tram if a mishap is planned to bring the first stage trams. Preliminary research results for trams that Konya Metropolitan Municipality wanted to buy by tender started to come. Konya Asgüven Otomotiv Bu
Feyzullah Yalçın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asgüven Otomotiv, made a statement to our newspaper. The municipality was asked to be able to make the return of the 25 meter radius curves. 19 meter length, 38 meter width, 2,50 meter width, 350-400 capacity, 30 fuel saving, 35 fuel saving, XNUMX sloped LVR type rail rail system with XNUMX meter radius. suitability was determined, uygun he said.
Yalçın stated that the new trams are very low cost by European standards and said, X One of the new trams is 2 Million 350 Thousand Dollars (4million 250 Thousand TL). This figure is very low compared to European standards. These trams are being sold more costly in Europe. If we can make an agreement in July with China's CNR, it is expected that the first party trams will arrive in June 2013 and the rest will be in the 2013 monthly tranche after June 6. Nearly all in January 2014 will be in Konya yakın.
Asgüven Otomotiv Chairman Feyzullah Yalçın, who told about the future of the tram with special trainers, said, harik Special trainers from China will come to tell the use of this technology wonder trams and how to use these trains in Konya. This training will be undertaken by China's CNR. According to the modern trams of Konya, the city has been working hardly. Modern Metropolitan Municipality is in need of modern trams. will be announced in the coming days will be announced about the purchase of new trams.

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