'Interesting change' in Eskişehir Tram line project

📩 24/11/2018 20:40

It was reported that the plan changes were made on the grounds that the scissor systems did not fit into the junction.
It was reported that a plan change was made on the Emek-71 Evler line, which is under the scope of the extension of the existing tram lines project in Eskişehir, on the grounds that the scissors systems in the existing line are not "in the crossroads".
The fact that the new amendment was not presented to the Metropolitan Municipality Council and the line passed in front of high school and kindergarten caused reactions.
Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Council Deputy Chairman Ahmet Süzer, said they had no news of changes in the tram line.
Explaining that all kinds of changes should be submitted to the Assembly, Süzer continued as follows:
“It is not nice that the changes are not reported to the Parliament. No such amendment was made to Parliament. Such a change must be made on the plans. Because, there should be plans for the Transportation Coordination Center to make a decision. We are working to ensure that Eskişehir is not damaged and services are not blocked. We need to be aware of any plan changes. ”
Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen said that Eskişehir Urban Transportation and Public Transportation System Project has been working on the Tramway Extension Lines for the Emek-71 Houses tram line for the current situation, development, traffic, ownership, cadastral status.
According to the application project, the line in question, the current or even the connection of the scissor systems that do not fit into the crossroads Büyükerşen, said:
Therefore, according to the application project, it is not possible to make a truss system at Borsa Caddesi-Cumhuriyet Bulvarı Junction. Considering the traffic density at the intersection in question, the connection of the new tram line to the existing system is made from Asilsoy Sokak, which is a dead-end street parallel to the intersection, and then it continues from 1. Cold Demirciler Sokak, which is in the current project, following 1. Dökümcüler Sokak. it was found more accurate in terms of technical applicability, operation and cost. ”
-The claim that the old line passed through the workplace of the CHP member-
Büyükerşen, regarding the claims of some circles that the route on the old line passed through the workplace of the CHP city council member, ”This makes the discourse that some circles known to us as rumors try to spread. Our citizens should not honor such unrealistic rumors that were deliberately made. ”
- Measures for children-
Büyükerşen evaluated the passing of the tram line in front of Yunus Emre High School and Yunuskent Kindergarten with the amendment, and said, “The necessary measures are taken for children on the tram line. Therefore, it poses no drawbacks for children. In the current system, the line passes by schools and hospitals. ”

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