Erdoğan Bayraktar: We will make Trabzon the biggest logistics center of the region, he said

Expressing that they continue their efforts to increase employment, investments and tourism in Trabzon, Environment and Urbanization Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar said, “Our goal is to make Trabzon the largest logistics center of the region. This mission will be crowned with the completion of the Erzincan-Trabzon railway. ”
Environment and Urbanism Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar, stating that his hometown Trabzon has a special place for him, said, “Trabzon is a special place for me. There are friends, relatives, suffering there. It gives me pleasure to go to Trabzon and see the old places. I put Trabzon in my heart. ” Noting that they aim to make Trabzon the biggest logistics center of the region, Bayraktar stated that with the completion of the Erzincan-Trabzon railway, this mission will be crowned.
Minister of Environment and Urbanization Erdoğan Bayraktar was born in Of, in Trabzon in 1949, as one of the three children of Ahmet Hamdi Bey and Hanife Hanım. His father, who is a successful teacher, took the university exams in order to provide a better future for his wife and children. kazanBayraktar said that he was only two years old when his father, who was aiming to become a district governor, passed away at the age of 26 in Istanbul. Bayraktar said that although they faced a difficult life afterward, his mother displayed an extremely strong stance and said, “My mother was an extremely strong woman. He made a living in the village and raised us well. "The most important person in my life is my mother," she said. Bayraktar, who said that he was a very successful student when he started his school life, stated that he attended primary school in the village, that his friends were enrolled in the school after primary school was over, but he could not go to school due to impossibilities. “One day we went down to Of with my mother. Someone there said to me, 'Why don't you go to school?' asked. When I said they couldn't enroll me, I couldn't go, he took me by the hand and enrolled me in the school,” Bayraktar said. Stating that he also worked as a peddler during this period to make a living, Bayraktar stated that he entered Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering after graduating from high school and said, "I used to study in the evening because I worked during the day." Stating that he worked with Lawyer Osman Alaçam during the day while he was attending university, Bayraktar noted that he met Mehmet Özderici on the occasion of Attorney Alaçam. Stating that they established a company with eight partners together with their relatives, Bayraktar said that Özderici allocated the land in Topkapı to him in exchange for a flat for the construction of a site. Bayraktar stated that during his political life, he served as Eminönü District Vice President, Metropolitan Municipality Council Member, General Manager of KİPTAŞ and General Manager of Metropol İmar AŞ in Ankara, and then he went to America and said that he received language training. Bayraktar said, “In 2003, with the proposal of the Prime Minister, I started my duty as the Chairman of the Mass Housing Administration (TOKI). We have built 550 thousand houses over eight years,” he said.
“It is important to be both reliable and searchable”
Pointing out that Trabzon is a special geography, Bayraktar said, “I also grew up in difficult conditions. There is a resistance brought up in those difficult conditions. There is a power, a determination to work. This is my advice to young people and those who have just stepped into the business world, you will be both reliable and sought-after. People will trust you and you will do your job very well. You will be fast and energetic. We have a term there; "You won't be like cabbage." It is used to refer to loose ones. You will be solid. You will be fair. ”
Expressing that they continue to work for increasing employment, investments and tourism and decreasing unemployment in Trabzon, where he is the deputy, Bayraktar said that they have important works in attracting investments. Bayraktar, who said that they are following the works for the establishment of a logistics center, also noted that there are steps towards opening a private and a public university in Trabzon. Bayraktar continued as follows: “In a not too long period, a public university and a private university will be opened in Trabzon. Thus, there will be four universities in Trabzon, two of which are private. ” Indicating that TED will open a high school in Trabzon, Bayraktar stated that I will start building the building in a short time. Bayraktar, who conveyed that the Akyazı sports complex will open in 2014, emphasized that this place will be a new attraction for Trabzon. Minister Bayraktar said, “Our aim is to make Trabzon the biggest logistics center of the region” and said that I will be crowned with the completion of the Erzincan-Trabzon railway. Stating that the work on the route is continuing now, Bayraktar stated that there are important projects carried out through the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) on the development of plateau tourism and eco tourism in the region.
“The turning point in my life; I enrolled in school when I visited someone in Of with my mother. "It is another turning point in my life that I started to work with our Prime Minister." Erdogan Bayraktar stated that it was completely compulsory to choose another city outside of Trabzon, "I went to continue my education. "If I could change something in my life, I would like to spend more time with my family," said Bayraktar, saying that he loves his country very much. Bayraktar. “Trabzon is a special place for me. There are friendships, relatives, suffering. It gives me pleasure to go to Trabzon and see the old places. I put Trabzon in my heart. ”
Since he took office, Erdogan stating that their visit with 25 different Bayraktar, saying that some provinces to go more than once, "I'm going around the corners of Turkey as the point of describing the urban transformation," he said. Stating that he went to Trabzon at least twice a month, Bayraktar said, “I try to visit my village every time I go”.

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