Economy Minister Çağlayan Speaks About The Distance Covered By Railways In Singapore

Singapore Port and waterfall located in a statement to reporters after his visit to Jurong Island, Turkey's trade capacity and said that products with the debut in the Singapore market.
Turkey's 2023 target to reach the waterfall striking logistics and energy infrastructure necessary for the preparation of appropriate, "in 2023, leading all strategic objectives and goals as their actions," he said.
High-Speed ​​Train Caglayan stated that Turkey made rapid development in the future as the government 10 years 10 thousand kilometers of high-speed railway, close to 5 thousand kilometers of new rail network said they will do.
Caglayan, 5 within the scope of the promotion of sea transport. reported that they will support regional support.
Stating that they will build important container ports of the world in this way, Çağlayan said, “We need ports that will meet the foreign trade volume of 1 trillion 150 billion dollars. We need ports that will circulate this much goods. In this sense, our existing ports will definitely be insufficient, ”he said.
Stating that one of these ports is Mersin and the other is İzmir-Çandarlı, Çağlayan said that in order to meet the 2023 targets, 10 million TEUs of container ports should be built for each in Mersin and İzmir.
Çağlayan said, “We will make Mersin and İzmir one of the world's largest transfer centers. How is Çandarlı and Mersin different from Singapore? There is no difference. We have the position to be the most important transfer center of the Mediterranean ”.
Logistics center to Singapore-
Turkey's port and logistics issues that need to be solved necessarily need Cagle stated, voiced that is less effective in Turkey's exports to the Far East from being away.
Stating that the solution to this problem is to establish a logistics center in these regions, Çağlayan said, “This place is very close to Malaysia, very close to Indonesia. Our foreign trade deficit stems from Asia-Pacific and the Far East. Now they are creating logistics centers, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) will be decided with the work done in this regard. I hope that we will have the opportunity to solve our logistics issue ”.
-Training will be announced to the world-
Caglayan, the new incentive system has aroused interest all over the world, said that they saw this situation during their visit to Japan.
Stating that they will introduce the “ambitious and generous” incentive system they have prepared in Singapore and that the embassy and trade consultancy will continue this task, Çağlayan said, “We will now introduce our incentive system on major televisions around the world. We will announce our incentive system to the world in the most effective way. Because those who are aware of this incentive system show their interest seriously ”.
Cagle, the introduction of all international channels, including the recording, did not want to give a name expressed.
Çağlayan said, "As you mentioned," upon the evaluation of a reporter as "CNN, like BBC".
Caglayan noted that there are concerns about the projected investment will be made in Turkey if the incentive system is introduced.
Asked whether Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will take part in promotions, Çağlayan replied, "We did not think, but why not".
Caglayan, introductions will start this year, the promotion budget will adjust in a way, he said.
- "Railway operations will be privatized" -
Caglayan, today notion that PSA Akfen Holding partnership with the International operated the port of Mersin in transport costs stating that complained of some businessmen from the high, on a question voiced their intensive activities on reducing transport costs within Turkey about whether he's coming to the agenda at the meeting of this issue.
Noting that they will privatize railway management for this, Çağlayan said that the draft law was opened for signature at the Council of Ministers.
Çağlayan said, "Just like the airline companies, transportation in the railway will be privatized," he said.
- Encouraging investment
Noting that it was designed to make Jurong Island, which is considered the special economic zone of Santosa Island, which has hotels, food, beverage facilities and many other social facilities more attractive, Çağlayan said, “We want to start the first example of this from Mersin. Because Mersin has an important infrastructure related to this ”.
Stating that there are 100 petrochemical facilities on Jurong Island, Çağlayan stated that the total investment of these companies is 40 billion Singapore dollars (34 billion US dollars).
Caglayan, the island's daily oil processing capacity reached 1,3 million tons, stating that the island has 4 refinery, he said.
Caglayan told they gave importance to the chemical industry as a separate ministry to Turkey in the implementation of the model indicated the future Jurong very important petro-chemical investment.
Caglayan, Turkey noting that a serious refinery capacity, "the most effective way to use our refinery capacity, 40 percent value-added strategic investments in order to reduce the current account deficit will search condition in the refinery system," he said.

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