Disaster Risk Survey in Ankara Metro

Metropolitan City Council MHP Group, the capital after the “dent Dem incident after the current and ongoing metro routes and Yenimahalle Demetevler ardından disaster risk meydan in the region made a proposal to do research.
Metropolitan Municipality Council General Assembly dated July, the last month on the Inonu Boulevard, resulting in the loss of a citizen's "dent" came to the agenda. MHP Group on the issue, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, "Risky area and risky structure determination" by referring to the circular showing the current and ongoing metro routes in the capital and Yenimahalle Demetevler region "disaster risk" research made to make the proposal .
To be discussed in the Commission
In case the proposal submitted to the Infrastructure Commission to be discussed is accepted, the Ankara Metro and the Demetevler region will be screened for disaster risk in cooperation with the relevant institutions, organizations and universities. MHP Group President Hamit Yavuz and MHP members Ibrahim Uyar and Mehmet Yildiz, signed the appeal as the basis for the research in the following cited:
Risky areas to be determined
Tir Risky structures shall be determined by the Metropolitan Municipalities within the framework of the authority on the Transformation of Areas under Disaster Risk Areas, 6306. In this context, the subway works from the day of commencement of the subway work in progress in the area of ​​the existing subway routes to determine the areas of risk in cooperation with the relevant institutions, organizations or universities, the determination of the determination of our parliament by evaluating, we demand to be done. Bu
Inspect Demetevler
The MHP Group also requested a disaster risk investigation in the Yenimahalle Demetevler region. In the proposal, "Demetevler region by examining the risk of disaster risk, if the risk of disaster measures should be taken in our parliament to take necessary measures to make a decision about the necessary work," he said.

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