Can the privatization of railways prevent traffic accidents?

In the past week, the Ministry of Transportation announced that the only area that was not privatized was the remaining railroads and that the works for privatization of this sector were initiated.
22 was killed and 2012 was injured in the traffic accidents that occurred during the week of this announcement (33 July 85).
Only in a minibus crash killed 13 people. According to official statistics of the state, 4500 people die annually in traffic accidents. Last 10 43 thousand 691 people mortal 131 per year has been the number of injured people, traffic accidents have occurred. Moreover, even those who were injured and hospitalized are not added to the statistics. The definition of death in traffic geese at international standards 30 meets deaths during the day. We are only covered by people who died at the time of the accident.
In this case, considering the fatal traffic accident in Turkey can easily be much higher. Causes of traffic accidents are driver error, weather and road conditions, fatigue, insomnia, etc. It is based on a number of factors. However, much more important than these is due to the transportation policies followed by the state and the use of road transport (passenger + freight) as the most effective sector among them.
From the foundation of the Republic until the 1950s, while the transportation was carried out according to the principle of combined transportation (land, air, sea) and among these, the safest and least energy-dependent railway transportation was preferred, and this strategy was completely abandoned since 1950. Even for rail transport, 'Railway comes from iron curtain, iron curtain countries are communist countries. The railroad is also communist business. ' The officials of the state made a statement. Today, the development level of the transportation sector of the countries is considered as a measure of its development.
most economical and most effective way to meet the demand for mobility, urbanization and increasing population in Turkey is carried out in parallel to the public as a public service leadership. With the opening of the railways, which fulfill this to a certain extent, to the private sector, the railway transportation, which provides cheap and high quality public transportation to the public and stands out with its prominent features, will cause it to turn into a 'luxury and expensive' transportation sector.
As a result, the accident news every day should re-determine the transportation strategy of the state and implement the most appropriate transport policy in order to avoid new suffering.
Otherwise, we will continue to live our holidays and holidays with joy.

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