BC1 Contract (Throat Tube Tunnel Crossing Contract)

The BC1 Agreement 06 was signed on May 2004 and the 16 entered into force as of July 2004.
(Approval of the contract documents of the BC1 Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Construction work has been obtained from JBIC on July 16, 2004, and the Contract came into effect as of this date. The contract has been delivered to the contractor 42 days after this date.)

Signing of BC1 Contract May 06 2004
Beginning of Archaeological Excavations June 17, 2004
JBIC Approval (entry into force) July 16, 2004
Location Delivery and Starting August 27, 2004
Completion of Works 56 Month
Original Completion Date April 28 2009
Time Extension 1644 Days
Date of Completion
Total Contract Price 153.496.046.658 Japanese New

Source : www.ubak.gov.t is

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