Yapı Merkezi Attended the Tender of Riyadh Metro

Building the first metro in the Middle East in Dubai, the Center is preparing to build the first metro in Saudi Arabia. 10 was awarded the 180 giant company file from Saudi bin Laden to Astaldi, Taisai to Mitsubishi for the 271 km subway auction with a project value of over $ 4 billion dollars. The company will undertake the first leg of the 3 stage tender to be held in November.
2009 in Dubai, the first metro in the Middle East, and the world's longest building built with the 75 km at a time, which implemented the longest rail system in Kayseri, 'The world's best tram system project in the world 2010' award with the award of the Building Center Now, Saudi Arabia's first metro to move to the capital of Riyadh.
French Bouygues, Saudi Bin Laden, Saudi bin Auger, El Seif, Astaldi, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), Austrian Strabag, Saudi Arabian Taisai, Marmaray, Japan Obuyashi, Mitshubishi, USA Many companies such as Bechtel, including the 180 company to receive the file, has revealed how important the tender. Emphasizing that the 271 consortium emerged and the 38 consortium applied for qualification, Emre Aykar, who announced that the 38 group received the qualification, stated that they had just received groupings. Aykar noted that they are the only Turkish company among these groups. “The consortia led by Siemens and France's largest construction company Vinci and Samsung-French Aston and the Italian Ansaldo companies were awarded in the tender, we are Canadian based Bombardier, Spanish OHL and Al Arab we became the only Turkish company in this field with the consortium we established with the companies şirket.
'We are interested in Astana Metro'
Bombardier and OHL previously said that there are groups of project cooperation Emre Aykar, Saudi Arabia Al Arab for the first time said they went to partnership. UM 180 will be held in the 10 stage and 3 will be in the 3 separate consortium and the first leg of the tender will be in November 2012. Taking one of the stages will transfer our experience on the Dubai Metro. Etap Aykar, Astana Metro in Kazakhstan in October, announced that they will be tender, they are prepared intensively.
1.7 receives $ 1 billion largest Turkish business in Ethiopia
Emre Aykar, who reminded that they took the 390 km railway line in Ethiopia, said, N The size of the business is 1.7 billion dollars, which is one of the biggest works of a Turkish company abroad without any partners. Et 26 Under the agreement signed in June, the project will be completed in 42 months. 4 main and 6 intermediate station building, traffic control center, 15 substation and 2 repair and maintenance center will be constructed by Yapı Merkezi.
North Africa and the Middle East attracted after Libya for Turkish contractors
Emre Aykar, who noted that Yapı Merkezi had business in Morocco, Algeria and Saudi Arabia, and that they established a company in Morocco and Saudi Arabia to follow the new projects, said: udi We have a project of Casablanca Tram with € 1 million Euro in Morocco. We will deliver at the end of the year. We will complete the 80 million euro turn-key railway line in Algeria in 240 year. In Saudi Arabia, high-speed trains run between Mecca and Medina. Here we received the Medina station tender worth $ 1 million. 25 will finally be over. And in the Nariah region, we're doing the 2.5 million-dollar project to repair and repair the trains in the east. Bir
Underlining the need for Turkish contractors in Libya to work with the principle of not putting eggs in the same basket in order to avoid trouble, gir North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia are very important markets. Balance will be found by entering different countries, Den he said.
There are 3.5 billion $ jobs in progress
The total amount of ongoing works of Yapı Merkezi in the first 5, which is among the contracting companies abroad, is 3.5 billion dollars. 225 2011 33 11 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX It was.
We will invest in housing for the first time in urban transformation
In addition to the contracting of Yapı Merkezi, there is no investment in the housing sector, but the group has built Şişli Plaza and Arkeon Houses, the company, Yapı Konut. Emre Aykar, Chairman of the Executive Board of Yapı Merkezi who stated that they found the law of urban transformation very positive and expected the regulations to come out, said: ve Then we will make our own investments for the first time. We will transfer our experience abroad to urban transformation. Yurtdış

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