CHP wanted to investigate the migration of Ankara metro

Debates continue on the death of Kadir Sevim, a resident of Inönü Boulevard. The CHP group's research proposal to the Parliament on the issue, the ruling and opposition deputies faced.
The CHP, the Parliament wanted to investigate the emergence of the migration in Ankara during the subway work. Ankara Deputy Levent Gök said, için Serious research is needed to ensure that the metron is healthy after that. Gokcek, again the ball was thrown into the Ministry. Gökçek's fendi has been defeated by power anlı, while Nusret Bayraktar, the Ak Party, has been passing the gas, water and electricity lines in the infrastructure of the long-term line, and therefore pointed out the need for technical studies. said.
A story of love
The discussion of the proposal of the CHP on the investigation of the migration was discussed at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Talking about the proposal, Gök, who was a member of the CHP, stated that Ankara Metro had an öy exemplary story Öneri and added:
Man It was a mistake to start the study three times at the same time. Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gokcek, could not get up under the subway to transfer to the Ministry of Transport. The disaster would have been bigger if the event was live during the busy hours. There is serious information that the metro is not in compliance with international standards. Serious research should be carried out for the metron to walk healthy after that. Gokcek, again the ball was thrown into the Ministry. Gokcek's fendi has defeated your power. This unlikely attitude of Gökçek will be costly to the Ministry. Gök
It is unfair to be considered responsible
Ak Parti Rize Deputy Nusret Bayraktar said in his speech against the proposal:
Esi After the construction of the metro was transferred from the Municipality to the Ministry, the construction of the 15.5 kilometer Kızılay-Çayyolu line was given to the Spanish-Turkish consortium to be completed in two years under the control of the Ministry of Transport. In the infrastructure of the long-term line, gas, water, electricity lines are passing. Therefore, technical studies need to be done. It is unfair to see the perpetrators and the Ministry responsible. 22 was a two-meter crest in June, a citizen lost his life. Of course, studies in these risky areas should be carefully monitored. A new study on the project was initiated to ensure that the studies were reviewed by experts. The incident was technically seized, and the prosecution initiated prosecution. Ola
Not worth the capital
MHP Ankara deputy Tugrul Turkes in his speech in favor of the proposal, "Ankara has no ownership, does not suit a capital. The city does not have a master plan. Do we expect the Assembly to collapse to discuss Ankara's problems? Completed construction of the Ankara Metro must be questioned absolutely, Bit he said.
Credit 453 floor more
BDP Diyarbakır deputy Altan Tan, arguing that Turkey's champion in work-related accidents, said that the withdrawal must to a reasonable level. Response to the question, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality used by the Treasury-supported foreign loans 1 billion 450 million dollars, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality said that the 32 million dollars reported that, "Ankara, Diyarbakir 4 solid size; but it uses more than 453 coats of externally borrowed. Injustice and persecution are here. Who is doing what the job opportunities should be distributed fairly, things should be done properly, Kim he said. After the speeches, the CHP group proposal was not accepted.

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