Minister Yıldırım opened the CarrefourSA Reysaş Logistics Center in Torbalı, İzmir

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 'Izmir is no longer the pretext of the production is over, Izmir is the time to serve. I know how the service is done in the best way, '' he said.
Yildirim, the district of Torbali CarrefourSA Reysaş Logistics Center in his speech at the opening, said that this center means a lot.
In the past, the trade, export goods from the field to the port to take it from there to ships and send it to the destination where they send, because the trade is not done voicing Minister Yildirim, said:
Imiz Our trade was very limited. Today, Turkey has become no longer buy goods anywhere in the world. This shows that Turkey's growth. But we're on our way. 2023 is the nearest target, then 2035, then 2050. What happened to 10 years ago now. All our national income, 70 million producing and working, 350 billion.
Now 800 is out of the billion. 2023 times more than xnumx't to Turkey today to prosper. Trade, only exports will increase more than 3 times. National income per capita will be more than the current 4. So how do we do these things? We will do it with our people, young people, you. İnsanlar
”Izmir has recovered”
Minister Yıldırım said that for the last 1 years, İzmir had been ın coming to power ğ, realizing its power, moving forward with confident steps and knowing what to do.
Dır İzmir is no longer a pretext for the times of production. The people of İzmir know how the service is done. We said that we will extend İZBAN to Torbalı from the airport. 'The minister throws this' they said. We started and the 80 is over? There is no such thing.
Izmir, many words of a barley did not work and saw many things. Need a barley-length to Izmir and the people who make miles. Izmir, on each side of the Aegean, our services to Turkey the same everywhere today. Go to Van, Igdir, Adiyaman, Edirne, Istanbul, Sinop, Hatay. What you see in Izmir, you'll see it there. As long as the face of our people laugh. Let's be with the west, west with the south and the sister of the south. We are proud of Izmir's legends. The service is enough for us. Elik
Minister Yildirim said that they came to work in Izmir, not just politics, but started to work immediately, and that the 35 35 Project inin Motorway, with high-speed trains, airport AnIylA worthy of Izmir, Turkey's largest port, with a passing cruise port projects in a life, "he said.
Emphasizing that logistics is a very important sector, Minister Yıldırım said that large investments have been made in this area in order to compete with developed countries.
After the speeches, the Logistics Center was opened.
Yıldırım and Minister of Environment and Urbanization Bayraktar visited ESBAS
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım and Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Erdoğan Bayraktar visited the Aegean Free Zone (ESBAŞ).
The ministers who visited the Antique Car Museum in ESBAS examined the vehicles closely.
Minister of State and Lightning and Bayraktar information about the region, Deputy Chairman of ESBAS Mecit Kanbertay, made a presentation about the work done.
Kanbertay stated that the area allocated to them is full and that they have bought a new land. Bir We want this area to be added to our existing region. We haven't opened yet. We need your support on this. Bu
Kanbertay, who mentioned that there will be a very serious trade and employment increase in the free zone with the new development area, asked the ministers for support in this regard.

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