Correction of Information Regarding a Discourse of Burulaş General Manager Fidansoy

Last night, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy and İMO President Necati Şahin discussed the rail transportation systems in Bursa on OLAY TV, and in a part of the discussion, a misinformation in an assessment of Levent Fidansoy is required to be corrected in order not to constitute a basis for the wrong steps towards the future of BursaRaine. I heard. In a part of our speech, Mr. General Manager, oluştur Erdem Sakerin 10 km line and 72 wagon by canceling the tender, 17 km line and 48 wagon to start the error of the purchase, then the special bus lines, feed lines, the city center, especially the city by spreading the system he explained that he was upset because of the lack of wagons due to the 48 wagon, and that the city was also occupied by private buses. The first misinformation is that the 48 wagon is not for the 17 km line but for the real First Stage of the project, the 22,5 km line. Another rhetoric of the public game is the 22,5km line and 48 wagon, while the contract is over, 17 is done with the formation of the work done, the work done under the tender is shown as finished, this part is 1. 2.Etap was 1 km, which was the first auction scope. In fact, I have written this story several times in this corner, the first confirmation file that was put in front of me when I was sitting in the chair, the rail system tender file containing 10,5 km line and 72 wagon, I was not a rail system expert, but my engineer, 10,5 km line + 72 wagon and also high a tender price pushed me to examine this formation a little more deeply. In the first phase of my research, I examined the subject from the ITU to our trainers, and they determined that the 10,5 wagon was too much for 72 km. Then I continued my studies within the scope of the European Rail Systems Association, attended the congresses and fairs that were organized in those days, and met with the authorities and experts. As the wagon manufacturers dominated the union, I noticed that they followed the project very closely, knew that I had canceled the tender, and that the project carried an important market character for them. Meanwhile, I was informed about the wagon types in the wagon market as well as the wagon prices on the market. I would like them to assist in the determination of the new procurement scope we will prepare, and their technical consultants will be assisted by the British Prof. Lesslyi, who later took over the London Underground, appointed. Prof. Lessly came to Bursa, from the feasibility of the project, METU Burkina studies showing population growth by years, the sizes of passengers determined by years, a German project firm prepared by the final projects of all lines, examined in great detail, traveled the lines of the Mutasavver itself. He was informed that the Undersecretariat of Treasury had allocated a resource of USD $ 1 million for this project, including loan rates. After a week of work, which lasted for a week, he determined the following project principles; Starting from the city center, the main principle of the city is to reach the main development aspects of the city, starting from the city center. In line with the basic principles and the size of the passenger cars, one of the first lines of the 2 line in the east is Mudanya and İzmir. 2 line, the way to the north, the direction of Yalova route in the north, the passenger size is not included in this scope, to be within the scope of the 350million dollar investment size, as the city center to accept Şehreküstü Square, (When you get to the city center Ataturk Street, the entire route due to the necessity of tunneling, construction cost will go out of the allocated limit) In the direction of Mudanya, OSBne, on the way to Beşevs in İzmir, in the east one of the lines only, from the Education Street to the High Specialization Hospital, there is a total length of 22,5 km In the course of these lines, considering the passenger sizes determined in the feasibility study, 36 determined that the wagon would be sufficient. At this point, I draw your attention, the expert of this association is the consultant, the Union has the weight of the wagon manufacturers in the administration, but the expert does not lead us to take more wagon!
In the meantime, we attended the meetings and fairs of the European Rail Systems Association with my experts, we determined that the most suitable wagon type for us would be a high-floor wagon, and we included this wagon in the tender. It was envisaged that the second line that will go to the east will be included in the Second Phase of the project, this line will start from the Santral Garaj and be connected to Yildirim along the Ankara road, and it was decided to leave the tunnel mouth at the point where the line from the Novices returns to Fevzi Çakmak Street in order to connect this line to the main system. In line with all these decisions, before the tender, a loan agreement was signed with the German state bank KFW, which will cover 75% of the investment cost required by the project, with the Undersecretariat of Treasury (25% of this loan, 10-year grace period, 30-year maturity, 50% 13-year term. and but with an interest rate below the market rates of that day) and as you know, the foundation was laid at Esentepe Station in 1998, and when I handed over the task in March 1999, it was running according to the construction schedule and the payments were made regularly. However, the main mistake that escaped from the eyes of dear Levent Fidanso, which was the mistake that shattered the BursaRay system, began after that, in line with the increasing passenger size over the years, which constitutes the basis for all feasibility and project studies, while it should be İK İ HAT for the eastern connection of the city center, Haşim The line on İşcan Street was directed to the north, shifted to the Ankara road with that famous acube building and joined with the east line to be built in Stage 2. Now, the important question in front of Levent Fidasoun is that, especially after extending the east line to Kestele, the question that becomes more important is, how will BursaRay carry the passenger sizes of two lines that will increase over the years with a single line ??? The bus chaos that Levent Fidanso is right, on the other hand, occurred when the Transportation Planning we had done by an international engineering consortium planning the transportation systems in the big cities of the world was thrown away by eating the stamp of the past period project after I handed over the task. was organizing its integrated work. As an initial example of this system, the application project of Beşevler Transfer Station, which will sit on 110 thousand m2, was unfortunately not implemented, I researched this project when Recep Altepe took office, and he was thrown away with the same stamp, I called his architect, I called the project in electronic environment. I sent it to the archive of the Project Department, if the project still has the chance to remain in the archive, come apply this project, arrange all bus / minibus connections for Ataevler, Beşevler, Çalı, Kayapa, Hasanağa at this station, create private car / bicycle parks. At the moment, you are creating supply lines in the whole city, arrange the Beşevler Transfer Station according to the project in hand and transfer this example to the other main stations of the BursaRay.

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