Main Streets in Bursa

The tram line works, which will be an alternative to the city transportation, came to the construction phase. Mayor Altepe said,, We aim to provide transportation to Bursa by means of vehicles that decorate the streets of world cities. Büyük
The Metropolitan Municipality, which did not want to lose time, ordered the rails from Poland months ago.
Speeding up the tram lines that will change the face of Bursa streets, the Metropolitan Municipality will pay the important streets in the city with iron nets. The tender for the 1 kilometer Sculpture-Garage line, called T6.5, was completed and the construction was completed. Aiming to lay the ground in July, the Metropolitan accelerated its efforts for the extension of the İncirli line with Yeşil-Çekirge and Terminal lines to Siteler.
Indicating that they took the necessary steps to abandon the streets of the city to the public transportation vehicles and pedestrians, Mayor Recep Altepe stressed that they tried to get rid of the smoke from tram projects and implement a clean, modern transportation system. Altepe, hedef We aim to provide transportation to Bursa by means of vehicles that decorate the streets of world cities. We are starting to weave the urban tram networks. Following the T1 line, rails will be laid on the most important main arteries of the city. After these streets, the order will come to Haşim İşcan Street, Fevziçakmak Street. Rails will be installed on all important streets from İncirli to FSM. İnc
Noting that the T1 will be the main line of the tram in the city, Altepe said that they are planning to start construction in July and 1 aim to finish the line before the year. Altepe expressed that they want to do the work without wasting time and without causing much damage, underlined that the streets will not be closed during the construction. Recep Altepe, who stated that they aim to complete the construction works in Altıparmak on 40-45 days, said N We have taken our measures. In order not to waste time, we ordered the rails from Poland months ago. When the contractor starts construction, the rails will be arrived. Müt
In order to be complementary after the T1 line, the Green-Grasshopper line and the Incirli line will be extended to the Sites. Altepe pointed out that there will be different extensions that feed the T1 line, especially Terminal. Uz T1 will have a connection to the channel size. We want to change the transportation system with these investments. We do the same things in the world's brand cities. These projects are examined together with the world-wide firms by examining the examples in the world örnek.
Altepe, due to the slope of the streets' tram is not done 'criticism,' Now the mountains of the world to the hills of trains. According to him, a train's engine power is put on the ramp. Accounts, projects are done accordingly. These aren't random things. Everything is thought. Her

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