Bursa Tram meets with the Residence

In order to take the Cumhuriyet Street-İncirli Line to Siteler, Büyükşehir intensifies its work and will extend the line to 650 meters in the first place.
Metropolitan Municipality, the Cumhuriyet Street-İncirli tram line will be started next month to extend the work to Mesken. Büyükşehir, which will lay the foundation of the Sculpture-Garage ring line within this month, is taking the first step for the extension project of Cumhuriyet Caddesi-İncirli line, which is another target, until Siteler.
Metropolitan, in the first place by extending the line 650 meter Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Street will bring up to the beginning. This line is planned to be two-way operation. Burulaş, rails for the order in Poland, the rails were on the road and the next days were learned.
Mayor Recep Altepe and Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, who have been conducting examinations for the purpose of reducing the slope in the region in order to extend this line, finally found a solution to reduce the slope. The inclination of the Cinar and Yildirim Beyazit Statue in Incirli is found in 11 where the slope will be reduced to 8. It was learned that construction works, including filling, splitting and infrastructure arrangements, which will start next month, and 4 will be found in the following railway laying process. After about 5 months, citizens can get to the tram from Cumhuriyet Street and go to the entrance of TMA Street.

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