Bursa Governor Sahabettin Harput gave information about Uludag cable car project

Bursa Governor Sahabettin Harput, the latest developments in the field came to Uludag with the ropeway. Providing information about the work on the ropeway during the journey, Governor Harput said, Har The cable car was a project to end on 2013. 3 million passengers per year targeted to carry the project for a long time due to problems experienced by the contractor firm had problems. He solved the problem. Parts of the lift are being manufactured. Finally, we know that the loan agreement was made. The permission from the forest to the 2 region of the ropeway was extended. Permission for trees to be cut in the region also appeared. If the new problem did not arise, the obstacles related to the construction of the ropeway were overcome. We would like to raise the winter season of 2013 in about a year. Friends started preparations..

Source : I www.haberler.co



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