When will this subway construction end?

ANKARA The construction of the Ankara Metro, which was left by the Metropolitan Municipality for a long time and left to decay, which was later handed over to the Ministry of Transportation and which led to the death of the worker Kadir Sevim, was moved to the agenda of the Assembly.
Istanbul Deputy Levent Tüzel, Ankara Metro construction, Transportation, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and asked the Minister of Finance Mehmet Simsek.
The motion of the question asked by the legal minister Binali Yildirim, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's biliy twitter u message, anlık the responsibility of the ministry, even the camels, es said the statement, the responsibility for the construction of subway construction over the years drew attention to over. In his article, referring to Minister Binali Yildirim, referring to the death as ler natural ', gene While there are many questions awaiting a reply in the middle,' There are similar situations in the world ',' Such events can still be expected ', such as naturalizing the deaths of the workers, the responsibility of the countermeasure is to load the society and the citizen. karşı
In the construction of the Ankara Metro line, which has passed down in history as neden subway constructions that have not been completed for a long time,. The legal entity also asked the Minister to answer the following questions:
* Is there any vertical or horizontal mobility in the Air Force Command building by examining it for a certain period of time with precise measurement to assess the risk of collapse?
* Is the type and cross-section of the floor in the area identified and have the recently explored wells been examined?
* Is the actual collapse caused by the project itself, its implementation or the inadequacy of the carrier system?
* What is the reason why our deceased citizens are about 1 kilometers from the scene?
* Where and how did the water dragging our citizens?
* Have any security measures been taken in and around the existing site before the event took place?
* Has there been any detailed information on the work carried out during the transfer process?
* After the transfer of the status of the construction of the status of the work has been done 'situation detection'?
* When is the completion of Ankara Metro construction?
TÜZEL, Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek'in request in response to the budget burden of this period brought to the agenda by asking the following questions asked:
* Is it expected to cause a aç future budget deficit 'problem due to the transfer policy? If so, what measures were taken?
* Can there be loads from municipalities and TOKI in the future?
* If there is such a possibility, what kind of measures should be taken in advance to prevent this load from destabilizing?

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