BTK railway continues rapidly

Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan (Baku-Tbilisi-Kars) MPs stating that continued rapidly Railway, which parallel Kars, Igdir Nakhchivan, Kars, Trabzon rail connections also will be held, argued in this context would not be made possible outside Logistic centers of Kars. In the joint statement of Kılıç and Arslan; “We say it by pressing on it. Our citizens of Kars will definitely not hesitate, Logistics Center will be established in Kars. Warehouses and logistics centers established outside of Kars do not have a close relationship with Kars. Logistics Center, which has an investment of 42 million TL, will be completed in parallel with BTK Railway. In this direction, we continue our work with the ministry and the relevant general directorate. ” they gave their opinion.

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