Maintenance of the pedestrian underpass passing under the railroad in Bozüyük

The pedestrian underpass passing under the railway in Bozüyük is maintained.
Connecting Çolak İbrahim Bey Avenue and Şenkal Avenue in the district center of Bozüyük
At the pedestrian underpass of TCDD
Bozüyük Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams started maintenance, repair and renovation works. While the bottom depth is increased in the passage, the bottom water is discharged by continuously running submersible pumps. After increasing the depth of the passage floor, the floor covered with granite tile is made in 2 stages. 1. tier 150 in width and in accordance with the passage of disabled citizens, 2. level citizens are organized in such a way that they can pass without tilting their heads. In addition, floor lighting system will be applied instead of lighting system that does not work properly due to the continuous damage to the existing surface lighting. Day and night lighting of the passage will now be provided with white LED lights and from the base. In addition, the entrance and exit of the gate is made of profile roof mounting transparent colored eternit
covering with. By closing the entrances, it is aimed to prevent the passage of snow and rain water and to facilitate the passage of citizens in the winter months.

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