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Logistics centers; it is defined as areas where national and international freight transport, distribution, storage and all other services are carried out with different operators and carriers. The importance of logistic centers, where transportation and transportation services are offered together with air transport access by road, rail, sea and location, and the importance of logistics centers, are increasingly taking place in the Turkish logistics sector, which provides significant expansions both at home and abroad.
In Turkey, the center cargo station of which has been in, which is effective road transport as well as in European countries and in an area that may be preferred by customers, the feature can respond to load logistic needs, technological, and according to economic development, modern way of TCDD by 16 separate to form working in the region. In the July issue, we have taken into account the logistics centers that will provide a low cost, faster and safer service to the logistics sector.
Description of the logistics center: Storage, maintenance-repair, loading-unloading, handling, weighing, cargoes having effective connections to all modes of transportation (highway, rail, airway, sea, etc.), where official institutions related to logistics and transportation companies are involved. It is a low cost, fast, safe, transferable and equipped between transportation modes with the possibility to perform splitting, joining, packing and so on.
Purpose of establishment of logistics centers: Logistics centers have great benefits to all transportation systems, region and international transportation corridors. Logistics centers contribute to the economic and social development of the city as well as to provide a comfortable breathing to the city traffic. As in European countries, it is possible to establish in a modern way suitable for technological and economic developments, capable of responding to freight logistics needs in an area with efficient road transport and preferable by customers. The logistics centers, which are seen as the heart of modern freight transport and which develops combined transport integrated with other transportation systems, are a turning point in freight transportation. It also makes significant contributions to being more efficient in the international transport corridor.
What will logistics centers provide?
• Additional transportation of 10 million tons annually to Turkish logistics sector
• Road-rail-sea integration
• Providing trade opportunity
• Reduction of traffic congestion
• Promote growth in the economic sector
• Job opportunities and access to work
• Landscaping and conservation
• Good use of land
• Greening the environment and protection of natural resources
The project began when establishing logistics centers in Turkey?
In TCDD, logistic centers were established in 2006 in order to establish freight centers where all the services related to freight transport are provided in the best way, where all the administrative, technical and social needs of the customers can be met at certain points, increasing the transportation and transportation quality, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. started the establishment work.
How many logistics centers will be established? 16
Where will the logistics centers be established? The importance of logistic centers, where storage and transportation services are provided together with road access by rail, sea and by air, and transportation facilities combined with transportation, is becoming increasingly important. TCDD plans to establish similar facilities at different scales at 16.
These centers; Istanbul (Halkalı/ Yeşilbayır), Izmit (Kosekoy), Samsun (Gelemen), Eskisehir (Hasanbey), Kayseri (Bogazkopru), Balikesir (Gokkoy), Mersin (Yenice), Usak, Erzurum (Palandoken), Konya (Kayacik), Denizli (Kaklik) , Bilecik (Bozuyuk), Kahramanmaras (Turkoglu), Mardin, Kars, Sivas logistics centers.
Together with the planned logistics centers, within the 2023 targets; Turkey's geographical, historical and cultural need to respond to the extent and magnitude in Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir and Samsun in the private sector in collaboration with the 2-4 million square meters in the "Global Logistics Centers" are planned to be established.
Which geographic features and strategy were the logistics centers to establish? When we look at the 16 logistics center, it is seen that in every region of our country, firstly, in connection with the organized industrial zones, it has been carried out in the regions with high load bearing potential. Logistics and transport companies involved in the official institutions, which have active connections to all modes of transport, storage, maintenance-repair, loading-unloading, handling, weighing, load division, merge, packaging, etc., which have the opportunity to perform activities between transport modes they are cost effective, fast, secure, transferable and equipped.
Number of completed logistics centers: Samsun (Gelemen), Halkalı, Uşak was put into operation, the 1st phase of the construction works of Denizli (Kaklık), İzmit (Köseköy), Eskişehir (Hasanbey), Kayseri (Boğazköprü) was completed. Construction works for the 2nd stage works of Eskişehir (Hasanbey), the 1st stage of Erzurum (Palandöken) and the whole of Balıkesir (Gökköy) started. Studies on other logistics centers continue.
When will all logistics centers be operational: 2019
How will the private sector in project logistics centers: these centers in Turkey; TCDD plans to construct train, maneuvering and loading-unloading areas, which are considered as the core network of the railway, and the compulsory facilities for railway transportation, warehouse, warehouse, social and commercial facilities and other logistics areas are planned to be built by the private sector.
How logistics and transport system will contribute to logistics center projects: When logistics centers are put into operation; The best way to provide services related to freight transportation will be to meet all the administrative, technical and social needs of customers, to ensure customer satisfaction by increasing the quality of transportation and transportation, as well as to the commercial potential of the region, economic, social and cultural development.
In freight transport logistics centers outside TCDD 2023: To reach the 15% increase relative to the iron road freight transport sector, in Turkey is one of the targets for 2023. In this context, the construction of new YHT lines targeted will be completed, the transfer of passenger transportation to these lines, the completion of the maintenance, repair and renewal projects of the existing conventional lines, making them electric and signaled, and allocating them to freight transports by providing capacity increases, and new double lines to be towed with new technology towed vehicles After ensuring customer satisfaction by increasing efficiency and quality in transportation, the amount of freight carried on the railway will increase.
For this purpose; Logistics centers by TCDD, Marmaray, Kars -Tiflis-Baku, Kars-Nakhchivan-Iran, Nusaybin-Mosul-Basra Railway Project, Van Lake Ferries Crossing, Kavkaz-Samsun and Derince- Tekirdag, Bandirma-Tekirdag Ferries Project, etc. construction works are ongoing.

Source: UTA Logistics

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