Expected Report Announced

With the arrival of AliBay in Aliağa, the Aliağa-İzmir road transport process was almost completely destroyed and the report prepared by the Chamber of Automobile and Engineers of Aliağa was revealed.
U Data Collection Form ağa was created and given to the drivers before the arrival of Aliaga-Izmir passenger transport statistics in order to understand the dimensions of the current problem after İZBAN's arrival to Aliağa. 30 prepared a report from ITU Management Engineering Department as a result of the data received from drivers who noted the number of passengers they received from the stops during the day.
Data Revealed Facts
The results of the prepared report are as follows; Düşük With the introduction of the Aliağa-Menderes Commuter line in 2011, the passenger passenger transport between Aliağa and İzmir is quite low in terms of passenger potential. In this case, the tradesmen in this case showed the loss of passengers. The current 4 passenger transport company and the 63 vehicle transport in the Aliaga - Izmir Line daily 308, Izmir-Aliaga line in the daily 396 passenger potential is determined, considering the number of 62 voyages per day, the total number of passengers per flight is included in the 11,35 passenger is explained. Here, Aliaga - Izmir line (Izmir Departure Direction) seems to be less than the passenger potential. This decrease in the number of passengers is faster in Izmir-Aliaga Route (Aliaga Route). Although it is certain that all these reductions were due to the Izmir-Menderes suburban line, it is necessary to be more careful in the direction of going to Aliağa M.
Road Transportation
In this interview, the chairman of Aliağa Chauffeurs and Automobile Chamber President Erdinç Şen stated the following. ”You see the data. When we look at the previous years, the number of 68 active vehicles in the Aliağa-İzmir line is now reduced to 17. 3 3 500 - 300 350 9.8 9.7 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX We are saying that these are XNUMX Aliağa- İzmir and% XNUMX is Aliağa-Menemen. The last situation after İZBAN is obvious. The highway journey is almost over. Our aim here is to prove the potential of our passengers in all the public games. The reason we do this is to create a public vote and to be able to tell that there is no need to ignore the fact that there are people who take bread out of their homes. We can also send this report to organizations that want this report and to related places via e-mail. Hazır
We are in this position
Sen, continued as follows. Di After İZBAN arrived, our drivers working in road transportation came to the house. These preparations should be considered when making these. These people are employed here. We, with our tradesmen, are in demand with this tradition by our tradesmen with our current order with İZBAN conditions. If we meet the same conditions, we work like İZBAN. We also promise that, old he said, underlining that they still aspire to this task.
Our transportation system is flawless
Menemen and Foça, which are frequently brought to our interview by the people of Aliağa, have a feed line while Aliağa is not on the supply line. President gün Let's first consider this. What will change as for the supply line. Don't think it's free when it comes to the supply line. Now, as for most people the supply line, we're going to go to the subway to get there, so there are only those who think they will go to Izmir for a metro fee. This is not the case. You will be charged from where you are. Both of these same situation, whether you have gone with the city service or feeding is no different. We want this business to do our own trades. Now we have a settled transportation system, including our villages. I would like to mention that our competition with İZBAN is already impossible. Our shopkeepers are small trades, but we cannot even think about it. But again I would like to say underlined that the opportunities that are granted to İZBAN are recognized by us. Ama

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