PRESS RELEASE: 'Tram System in Bursa' Discussed at the Council

BURSA - Bursa City Council discussed the important issues of the city 'Bursa Speaks' meetings, this time 'Tram System in Bursa' was discussed with the participation of every sector. In the meeting where the contribution of the tram system made by the Metropolitan Municipality to the city was discussed, everyone had the opportunity to voice their opinions.
The President of Bursa City Council Semih Pala, Advisor of the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Taha Aydın, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy, President of Bursa Chamber of Civil Engineers Necati Şahin Durmazlar Machinery company officials, academicians, professional chambers, minibuses and bus trades attended.
Bursa City Council President Semih Pala, said they have fulfilled their duties in the best way. Stating that city councils should make the best use of cities and districts, Pala stated that Bursa was using this right in the best way. Bursa City Council 4 council, explaining that 34 working group and do case studies to Turkey together with hundreds of volunteers in Pala, "the city council, the development of the city life and city vision and hemşericilik awareness, preservation of the city's rights and rule of law, sustainable development, environmental awareness, social they are trying to fulfill their duty on issues such as solidarity, transparency, accountability and accountability, participation, decentralization. 35 4 thousand 80 activity per month. In these studies, Provincial Environment Plan workshop, Atatürk Stadium construction, high-speed train, courthouses and municipal buildings, health complex, university campus, historical bazaars, FSM Boulevard, Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Motorway, earthquake reality, bus, domestic automobile issues. took. We prepare environments where everyone can speak freely and respectfully. In the last of the 'Bursa Speaks' meetings, we discussed the tram system in Bursa.'
”Bursa needs an 50 wagon“
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor and Mechanical Engineer Taha Aydin, Sculpture-Garage (T1), Turkey's first indigenous tram line and tram 'Silkworm' made a presentation about. In developing technology, Aydın said that they have taken into consideration all the features and surveys of the city. Aydin wants to be made with the technical equipment on the ground in the direction of criticism directed, ın The project was first initiated within the body of Burulaş. However, we have seen that the project cannot be completed with the legislation and bureaucracy. It turned out we had to hand it over to the private sector. A wagon costs about 8 trillion. 4 is a string of 32 trillions. This money was going abroad so far. The aim was to provide added value to remain in Turkey for a moment before. In this respect, it is necessary to applaud the project. Bursa now needs an 50 wagon urgently. This should be done as soon as possible to keep the money in the country. We have achieved the technology of European standards, 100 percent of the tests will produce a tool past. As a matter of fact, the vehicle produced is native at the rate of 98. We even produced the brains of vehicles. Because abroad only the brain was asked for 2 and half a million euros. You also print the codes each time. You're paying for them. We have come to the point of selling technology by producing the brain in the domestic. Ek
Noting that many such projects are needed, Aydın asked the academic chambers to set out to support instead of suppressing the projects. As vehicle tests will be finished in late August, a vehicle intellectuals who said that Turkey will be the first time the document was produced, "Turkey is creating a brand. Maybe 10 will be the center of railway technology in Bursa during the year. Recep Altepe political risk, Durmazlar economic, Taha Aydın also took technical risk. These aren't easy. Our President Recep Altepe and we are in the excitement of adding something to the country. We dreamed of making a fast, comfortable, environment-friendly, ecological, economic vehicle. We did this, ”he said.
30 will be indigenous to the auction of the tram will be no one in the environment, where President Recep Altepe'nun '51' Let's get the local expressing the vision of the Aydin, said the rail system has a worldwide 2 trillion market reminded. While the domestic car is not yet done, Aydın said that the local tram and subway were built and that their aim was to sell and carry the Bursali in the best way. Referring to the tram-line (T1) tram line Aydın said, X No steps are taken without scientific basis. T1 is planned with the approval of Dr. Brenner. There is a concern that the public does not 'climb'. The authorities who say this should not ask how they climb, but how they will descend. We have escalated this vehicle but could not download it. We did the brakes hydraulically. We've got a magnetic brake to stop the vehicle, and we're going to limit speeds in some places. We thought of everything for this technology. The 3 on the tram is full while the 2 is full, on the 9 slope, it can climb on the 8.6 slope when it's full. Critics should have seen a few cities. 8.6 in Zurich and 8.4 in Stuttgart. The necessary slopes and heights were calculated in our studies. In addition, the acceleration of our vehicle, stop at the stop, waiting time at the stop calculated the 17 will calculate the tour per minute. The vehicle cannot exceed 400 m / sec due to the 20 meter stall intervals. If you can not make long stops intervals because the metro is not available. There are 12 grain stalls on the line, 13 grain range, Hat he said.
The vehicle's 25 speed of the impact of the driver is not affected during the impact of the 15 mileage speed of the vehicle is not damaged, expressing the Aydin, the participants gave information about the design and technical details of the tram.
General Manager Levent Fidansoy Burulaş, the railway system is no longer the choice, he said. Today's transportation, the citizens need 2 30 17 minute intervals should be connected to tell about the connection Fidansoy, according to the vehicle size is determined accordingly. , In our city, the metro system is sufficient in its capacity, but the number of vehicles is insufficient. In the past, 60 vehicles were purchased while 48 kilometers were required. If the number of wagons was sufficient, we would talk about a complete metro system in Bursa. In the center of the city, which has a rich history, while the tram was preferred, passenger capacity was examined. In developed cities, the center was pedestrianized and electric vehicles were used. Diesel vehicles appeared to damage historical artifacts. Therefore, rail systems are encouraged. Also the life of a tram or subway vehicle is 50 year, the life of a bus is 10. It also provides a cost advantage in the long run. Uzun
Stating that a one-way tram line is planned on the Garage-Sculpture line, where the intense movement was first experienced in Bursa, Fidansoy announced that the Terminal line, which will be integrated into the Osmangazi Metro station, will be added in the second stage. Reminding that there is a Yeşil-Çekirge line connected to the same line, Fidansoy said, “We are considering extending this to Mihraplı. Later, there will be a line that will cover the Beşevler region. In total, around 120 kilometers of long-term tram lines are planned. Tram lines around the world have become more preferred. 25 companies participated in the tram tender held on the 5th of the month. A company that bids around 17 million TL is entitled to receive the tender. kazanwas. We also make bus tenders, but I am also surprised that the tram tender attracts so much attention. The tram is a tool, not a goal. It is the type of vehicle that is preferred completely according to the needs of the passenger.
Chairman of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch Necati Sahin, Bursa City Council, emphasizing the importance of the 'tram system in Bursa' thanked for organizing the meeting on. Sahin, the project is contrary to the zoning plans and standards, do not solve the problem of transportation, the issue will be conveyed to the court, the municipality's tram system criticized the system. Sahin, subway instead of the tram suggested. Representatives of other sectors also expressed their opinions and thoughts about the project by taking the floor.

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