High Speed ​​Train good news from Minister Yıldırım

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, toured the Istanbul - Ankara high-speed train construction site in the Osmaneli district of Bilecik. Yıldırım, who received information about the works from the authorities, held meetings with the contractor company and TCDD officials. Then that information to the press about the talks Minister Yildirim, Istanbul - the most important and critical part of Ankara High Speed ​​Train line, 150 km Inonu - noting that between Köseköy, to observe the work and that they perform this meeting for the avoidance of any delay.
“This line is 150 kilometers and there are 239 art structures on the line. What are these. There are very intense art structures such as viaducts, tunnels, culverts, underpasses and overpasses. Because this place consists of a creek mountain and a difficult geography. To give an example, there are 35 tunnels. The total amount of this along the line is 60 kilometers and 28 Viaducts. There are overpasses, bypasses, that is, bridges crossing both the highway and the railway, overpasses 13. The number of underpasses is 40. And the total excavation and filling work to be done along this line is approximately 15 million cubic meters. So if we hit that ton, it means that there is 40 million tons of excavation and filling work. It is a tremendous thing, ”he said.
Stating that there is no serious problem in the project, Yıldırım said, “Things continue to go as planned. While we were coming, we had the opportunity to see the line by helicopter. Now we will have the opportunity to go to Bozüyük by road and follow the construction works at critical points. Good luck. Towards the end of 2013, God willing, we will have the opportunity to open the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train at the same time with Marmararay, the Marmara century project. "Good luck to our country, our nation."

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