The fire in Avcılar was taken under control before reaching the electrical wires in the suburban line

The fire in the empty field and the electrical wires in the suburban line, fire, fire crews were taken control of the 1,5 hour.
The fire, which broke out on the empty land in Avcılar and directed to the wires in the suburban line, was controlled in about 1,5 hours with the intense effort of the firefighters.
Tahtakale Quarter Station Street near the empty land, at noon, yet a fire emerged for an unspecified reason. Firefighters had difficulty intervening due to the fire spreading over a wide area with dry grass, and the rugged terrain.
With the effect of the wind, the fire towards the electrical wires in the suburban line, fire crews, digging, shovel, such as with the help of hand tools were taken under control at about 1,5 hour.
Some trees in the field, partly burned fire, completely extinguished.
The investigation into the cause of the fire was initiated.

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