Crash at Avcılar - Beylikdüzü Metrobüs stop: Passengers fell into the pit!

📩 24/11/2018 20:10

In Istanbul, where the metrobus line works in the Avcılar - Beylikdüzü direction were carried out, a collapse occurred in the gap covered with hair. Dozens of BRT passengers fell into the pit with the collapse of the sheet metal.
In the case of the great panic, there was no joy or death of the injured.
The incident happened yesterday evening. Avcılar metrobus stop was closed in the scope of line work, instead of transfer stops were made.
A connection was established with an overpass from the transfer station to D-100 Highway. Passengers had to use this overpass before the work was concluded.
In the meantime, a pit formed with a concrete pavement right next to the overpass was covered with hair.
Passengers descending from the Metrobus, concentrated in the new upper passage, the hair could not lift the weight collapsed. Dozens of passengers fell to the pit at a depth of 2 meters.
There was great panic during the event. In the case of the great panic, there was no joy or death of the injured.
Citizens falling into the pit, were removed with the help of passengers coming down from the metrobus.
On the other hand, just after the incident, a citizen recorded the events with his cell phone. Citizens falling into the pit are waiting to be saved in panic is reflected in the images.

Source: CNN TURK

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