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Antalya Chamber of Shipping (DTO) Antalya Branch President Ahmet Erol, Antalya-Konya for years, Antalya-Burdur-Afyon Railway in case of realization of this in terms of cruise tourism in the region and the country will provide significant contributions to the economy, he said.
Antalya Chamber of Shipping (DTO) Antalya Branch President Ahmet Erol, Antalya-Konya for years, Antalya-Burdur-Afyon Railway in case of realization of this in terms of cruise tourism in the region and the country will provide significant contributions to the economy, he said.
Antalya Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ANSIAD) chaired by Mehmet Hacıarifoğlu chaired by the Antalya City Council Economic Working Group, '' Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevsehir and Kayseri Railway Line and Antalya Railway preliminary work '' was discussed.
DTO Antalya Branch President Ahmet Erol, Antalya Organized Industry Businessmen Association President Can Hakan Karaca, Akdeniz University and Western Mediterranean Development Agency representatives, City Council Secretary-General Semanur Kurt, CHP Antalya Deputy Gürkut Acar and a group of businessmen attended the meeting, Antalya Port and railway project were discussed.
Hacıarifoğlu gave information about the activities of the Antalya Railway from the Ottoman period to the present.
Antalya Chamber of Commerce (DTO) Antalya Branch President Ahmet Erol, Antalya Port 4 years working on connecting the railway said they were working. Antalya Port of Cruise Tourism in terms of cruise tourism '' Port of Port '' indicating that the Erol, all ports in the world in spite of the railway connection of the Port of Antalya is very sad, not connected to the railway, he said.
Antalya Port iron binding to cruise both ways with both the number of passengers will increase the load capacity of the exporter and importer's costs will fall as well, so it was reported that Turkey's competitiveness will increase further.
In order to increase the trade volume of the Port of Antalya and cruise tourism, it is absolutely necessary to build a railway. Erol continued:
“We are working together with the Governor of Antalya for the expansion of Antalya Port. 150-200 thousand containers are transported annually in Antalya Port. However, 4,5 million containers are transported in Mersin Port. Why does Mersin carry so much? It is connected to Anatolia by rail. We are also working on the expansion of the port. An investment of 16 million dollars is required for the expansion of the port. Cruise ships are also increasing in size and passenger capacity. Ships with a capacity of 600-750 passengers can dock in Kaleiçi. Thus, Kaleiçi can be revived. "
Erol pointed out that the tourist profile has changed in the world and reminded that cruise passengers spend a lot of money. Tourists who come with cruise cruises from Antalya to Kapodakya can go to expressing Erol, '' Tourist profile is changing. Today, 30 of tourists is going to tour with their own means. He makes the connections himself. Turkey should no longer be dependent on the tourism agency. Tourists should be able to travel on their own. Cruise tourists, the port of Antalya, take the fast train to go to Kapodakya or another city should go, '' he said.
DTO President Ahmet Erol, the port of Antalya with the current situation of the Western Mediterranean Sea is the door of the sea, he said. In order for the Antalya Port to respond to a wider hinterland, the need for additional port expansion is needed in order to increase the market share of the city from maritime trade.
Antalya Port, along with the airport will become an important transportation hub of the region describing the Erol continued:
“The realization of the Antalya-Konya high-speed train line will contribute significantly to the economy of the region and the country in terms of cruise tourism. The number of passengers arriving by sea will increase more. For this reason, there will be a need for a modern passenger terminal to serve mega cruise ships. However, the existing passenger lounge and dock of the port are insufficient. With the freight train and high speed train line reaching Antalya, Antalya Port will have a very high industrial potential in Konya, Afyon, Denizli, Burdur and Ankara. Therefore, the widening of the port back area, increasing the port capacity, more efficient and effective operation of the port will make the Antalya port region one of the most popular commercial centers of the Eastern Mediterranean basin. For this reason, TMO dock, port area of ​​ETİ Alüminyum A.Ş., TASİŞ vehicle park areas should be considered as port expansion area. "
The former head of ANSIAD Mehmet Hacıarifoğlu suggested that the Antalya-Konya railway line was not included in the 1,8 / 17100 plans of the Konyaalti Municipality, although the 1 kilometer area to be reached to the port is in the 1000 thousand zoning plan.
Hacıarifoğlu, who wants to stop the issuance of license as a very urgent area in the area where the plans are processed as a land registry area, stated that if the registration continues, expropriation will be very difficult in the future stage. Hacıarifoğlu, today, the nationalization of the amount of 35 billion pounds is very high, he stressed.
Antalya's railway story about the 120 year continues, explaining the Hacıarifoğlu, '' Antalya railway project should be implemented quickly. First, let's invite the Ministry bureaucrats to our region. Let's give us our reports. If they don't come, we'll go to them. They tell us what they want to let us work according to him, '' he said.
Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Industrialists and Businessmen Association President Can Hakan Karaca said that the subject should be told very well to government officials. Karaca, said:
“The agricultural sector in Antalya contributed 3,5 billion dollars to the national economy. Antalya tourism also contributed 5,5 billion dollars. Antalya OIZ, on the other hand, reached a trade volume of 1,5 billion dollars. The target for 2015 is to reach 5,5 billion dollars and have an employment capacity of 20 thousand. However, because there is no railway and the port is insufficient, we cannot send our goods to Middle East and North African countries. Connecting the port to the railway line will greatly reduce costs. Antalya OSB, which creates a worldwide brand, cannot use the railway.

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