Subway Discussions in Ankara

CHP Deputy Chairman and Istanbul Deputy Erdogan Land, the AKP, "I'll bring democracy to Syria," he suggested that the bottom of the sea sent his own sons.
Earth, tv8'da participating in the television program, even the AKP's own aircraft, said:
"The AKP," I will bring democracy to Syria, "he sent his son to the bottom of the sea. We said to Syria, "You do not bring democracy to the people I said." And they said to us, 'We will bury your sons at the bottom of the sea, and thou shalt not obey.' Turkey is currently sniffy back in place. This is what the AKP government does. 5 don't know which one is right, which came in separate description. N
Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gokcek, even unable to make a metro, transfer to the Ministry of Transportation voicing Toprak, ayı Melih Gokcek CHP stop dealing with him, let him look at Ankara how I can handle well. I find it simple and simple for a Mayor to stand up and deal with an 90 yearly plane tree in Ankara. Ankara
Saying that one of the biggest catastrophes of the country is TOKI, Toprak emphasized that those who give approval to the project and the related minister should resign.
Earth, the AKP has come to the point of heavy heavy clogging, "AKP's mask fell. Numan Kurtulmuş hugged blood loss began. Well, if you trust him so much, why say, "Come and join us"? In the first elections, we will see in the ballot box that the AKP is in decline. HAS Party is not happy with the party merged, halk he said.
Noting how many people participated in the congress, but how many people talked at the congress, Toprak added that:
Ir The important thing is not the arrival of tens of thousands of congresses. How many thousands of people have contributed to party politics, how many people speak at the congress. In our Istanbul congress, 11 hours of speeches continued and different ideas added to the wealth there. But at their congress, after the Prime Minister, the stats were emptied. Fakat

Source: Gercek Gundem

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