Erkan Demirtas, a member of the JCC who objected to the tender of the car of Ankara Metro, stressed that the documents of the Metro Security were not submitted

Finally, the work that caused the death of a person on the construction site
Ankara Metrosu met with the accident in the discussion does not end. Metro
400 million dollar 324 subway
allegations concerning the tender
controversial The right to appeal against the tender
the companies using the Ministry of Transport in the technical specifications
he claimed that he had given the tender to the tenderer who did not give the documents.
According to Radikal Newspaper, Public Procurement Board (GCC),
he approved the tender in a controversial manner. But the most senior of the board
members Erkan Demirtas appealed the decision. Demirtaş's objection
remarkable determinations took place. The Chinese firm that won the tender
in the technical specifications and the safety of the subway
that the documents have either never been presented or presented as incomplete.
Demirtaş emphasizes the opening of the envelope and the tender commission
implies that the control record is not duly regulated
He. The procurement is also contrary to transparency and reliability.
Demirtaş, who warned, said,
must be notified ı filed an objection.
Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications Infrastructure Investments
General Directorate of Ankara Metro, open tender method
by 14 February at 2012. Based in Spain, participating in the tender
Construcciones Y Auxiliar De Ferrocarriles SA
CSR Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. China Ltd. in the firm's tools
operating problems, moreover taking part in the technical specifications
requests are not included in the file of the firm receiving the tender and
The safety and security of people in Ankara Metro
before the ministry appealed. Then,
the public procurement authority. At the expert level
then, he assessed the issue at the board level. But to the custom
contrary to the evaluation of the expert of the Public Procurement Authority, board
was not included in the decision. In the short decision, the
the complaint was rejected. But 9 on the 5 personality board
notice of rejection
attractive determinations took place in the board decision. Accordingly, the tender
Brake accounts in the technical specification of the winning company, reliability
plan, energy consumption calculations, collision scenarios
information is not included in the tender file. This is included in the technical specifications.
without information on matters, the tender is finalized.
Erkan Demirtas, the member of the Board, wrote in his appeal.
he noted that the board contradicted itself. Previously technical
that the documents requested in the specifications are not included in the tender dossier.
the public procurement authority of the relevant company out of sight
the petition or the tender has been canceled
Demirtaş, the judiciary and the related law is concerned
pointed out that the rule confirmed. “Technical information
and the qualification required by the documents
It is understood that the criteria are maktad Demirtas, also the tender
the envelope for the commission of the commission and the document duly recorded
not pointed out that. Not only that,
in itself a violation of law and at the same time transparency and
stressing that the principles of reliability will mean damage
Demirtaş objection l The necessary review on the responsible and
to make the evaluation
the administration should be notified to the ministry bulundu

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