Railway and Airline Connection to Ankara Logistics Base

Sign 200 thousand trucks per day that Turkey's first international logistics base in Ankara Üssü`N Logistics, work is being done to rail and air links. Ankara Logistics Base General Coordinator Metin Perk stated that the base is important for the economy of the country as well as the economy of Ankara.
Pointing out that 200 trucks enter the base daily, Perk said, “Currently, 80 people work at the base with around 2 companies. We have a total employment opportunity of 500 thousand people, ”he said.
Explaining that the facility was established by 45 shipping companies to create an advantage and cooperation in international competition, Perk said, “In terms of foreign trade, there has been a 10 percent increase compared to last year. In this respect, while it had a serious impact on foreign trade and trade in Ankara, a beneficial area was created for investors and storage centers. Thus, investors began to see Ankara as a distribution base, ”he said.
"We reached 100 percent full capacity"
Describing the 2013 targets of Ankara Logistics Base, Perk stressed that the railway and the airline are very important for the base. Perk noted:
“Our vision for the future is to make Ankara and its logistics base recognized as an international logistics center. Meanwhile, we are planning to establish a railway connection among our priority targets. We also want to have an airline connection. Having the Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) right next to the base is an important advantage for us. We are trying to ensure that cargo planes take off 2 days a week from here. "
Expressing that there is a system in which transactions related to import and export are carried out within the logistics base, Perk said, “Ankara Logistics Base has a storage and distribution service at European standards. Turkey's leading companies, our warehouses receive rents. Whoever comes here takes his tank. “We have reached 100 percent full capacity for the first phase now”.
Base camera surveillance
Truck driver, Erhan Aksoy also said that Ankara Logistics Base is close to the motorway and that it has facilities to meet all of its needs.
25 truck driver for years indicating that Osman Can the camera system, because of the presence of every point of the base is under surveillance, he noted that theft did not happen.

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