Flock of visitors to Mevlana Museum with YHT in Ankara-Konya

Konya, Culture and Tourism Director Mustafa Cipan said that people tried to understand the important universal message given by Mevlana.
KONYA Director of Culture and Tourism Mustafa Çıpan said that the number and diversity of the countries they receive visitors to Mevlana Museum each year increases. Çıpan, Mevlana Museum, one of the most visited museums in Turkey, he said. Çıpan stated that people came to the museum to read Fatiha in the presence of Mevlana and said hem The visitors have seen the highly qualified works and places exhibited by both Mevlana and Mevlevi culture. Müz
1 million 800 thousand people
Emphasizing that the number of domestic and foreign visitors to the museum is increasing every year, he said:
Di Last year we came to the museum about 1 million 800 thousand domestic and foreign tourists. 450 was a foreign visitor. In the six months of this year, 600 tourists came to the museum. The museum is taking visitors in the following summer season. Therefore, we expect the figure to increase much more by the end of the year. During the week we have visitors in the range of about 5-6 thousand.
HRC increases visit
On the weekends, this figure is about 12-14. It's so high number. Especially after the commissioning of High Speed ​​Train between Ankara and Konya, there is a continuous increase in the number of visitors. I hope that; The flow of visitors to Konya will increase even more as people improve their facilities and feel such a desire. insanlar
Japanese and Iranians
Emphasizing that the restoration work is underway in the museum, Çıpan stated that they will continue to inform the visitors in the best way with their restoration and services. Majority of the incoming visitors of the Japanese and Iranians, describing the Japanese, said.
Or This visitor profile is going on, but from time to time, there are groups coming from different countries like Germany, France and Italy. The number and diversity of the countries we receive visitors to the Mevlana Museum is increasing every year. It seems to me that nowhere in the world have so many people with different nations and beliefs to gather to see a place. This is a development that shows that people are trying to read and understand the universal message that Mevlana gives to the whole world. This is a separate occasion for us.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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