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Aktas Holding Transportation Group, which started to work in 1938, is still the most established group within the structure of the Holding and maintains its leadership in the rubber air suspension bellows sector. Aktas Transport Group Holding, 12 company, 43 thousand square meter closed area, 2011 million production capacity as of 2,5, 116 continues to grow with a group turnover exceeding million Euros.
Aktaş Air Suspension Systems, Bursa, Turkey
Aktaş, with the same name as Aktaş Holding, is the first and most common trademark in which we produce for the domestic bellows market and we have a high market share. This under our brand, as the first user and spare parts for the automotive industry roller bellows widely used in Turkey, complete with bellows and a pull production is carried out. More than 90 parameters are checked during the whole production process under quality procedures that start at the raw material inputs and are followed up very closely to the final delivery step.
Aktaş Air Suspension Systems (Bursa Free Zone), Bursa, Turkey
ASB, one of the Aktas Holding companies, has started to operate in the Free Zone of Bursa in Gemlik as a branch of Aktaş Air Suspension Systems Industry and Trade Inc. in 2010. 3.000 m2 is one of the world's leading companies in the production of bellows and one of the newest members of Aktas Holding, which is the carrier power of its sector, with its modern production area with closed area.
Aktech Air Suspension Systems San. Tic. Ş.Aktaş and Partners Koll. Sti.
Aktech Air Suspensions In line with Aktas Holding's vision that aims for the future, Aktech Air Suspension Systems Koll established in 2002 in Gemlik Free Zone as its processes have been developed and technological integration has been completed. Ltd. Şti is the new power of Aktaş Holding in production. 6000 m2 operates in closed area. Aktech, which is one of the firms where the bellows production is realized, is the pioneer side of Aktas Holding with its new production technologies and increasing capacity.
Barteknik Parts, Adiyaman, Turkey
Barteknik, which started its activities in 2004 as the newest bellows production facility of Aktas Holding, is located in Adıyaman city in the Southeast Region of our country. Our company has been established in order to meet domestic market needs and provide domestic customers with logistical advantages.
Among the most important targets of our company, which has the production capacity of 250.000 units / year, direct export to the neighboring countries in the southeast of our country is included. Studies are carried out in accordance with this target; Since the 2007 year, exports to Syria, Jordan, S.Arabistan and Middle East will be made from this company.
Techno Aktaş, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
TechnoAKTAS AD, Aktaş Holding's facilities in Bulgaria have started to operate in 19 May 2008.In the facilities where Aktaş Group's Air Suspension Bellows and EPDM Insulation Membranes will be produced, 4500 m2 is located in the closed area and 850 m2 logistics warehouse is located.
Aktas Foreign Trade, Bursa, Turkey
Aktas Suspension Foreign Trade, which started its activities in 2003, was established to sell and sell Aktaş Group's air suspension systems and auxiliary materials.
SKS Metal Plastic, Bursa, Turkey
SKS, which is the oldest company of Aktas Holding, was founded in 1980. Since its establishment, it has been working on metal parts and design and production of metal parts in air suspension systems.
It has become the leading company in the sector in a short time with its SKS performance. Currently, 2.500.000 produces metal parts in the industry and serves the automotive industry in the main industry and spare parts market.
SKS is the leading company in its sector with its experience and power.
LFT Germany GMBH, Cologne, Germany
LFT Germany, Germany The LFT GmbH in Dormagen, Germany was founded in early 2000. Our company carries out sales marketing, logistics and storage activities of Aktaş Holding's products in Europe.
LFT Germany 1000 m2 is engaged in import and export activities in all European countries with unconditional customer satisfaction.
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Aktas Do Brasil, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Aktas do Brasil, founded on 19 May 2009 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, serves the South American market with 4.000 square meters indoor space and annual 250.000 units / year capacity.
Aktas North America, Chicago, United States
Our company, which started its operations in the Chicago region of USA in 2009, carries out the marketing, logistics and storage activities of Aktas Holding products in North America, mainly in the USA.
I www.aktasna.co
Ankeshu Rubber Technology, Huzhuo, China
Ankeshu, one of the Aktas Holding companies, started its operations in China with bellows production in 2009. Ankeshu, one of the leading companies in the world with its bellows production and one of the newest members of Aktas Holding, which is the carrier power of the sector, continues its activities by reflecting its modern structure to all its stakeholders.
Time Coating, Bursa, Turkey
In 2004, our company, which was established in Kestel Organized Industrial Zone in order to provide Zn and Fe / Zn coating services to the automotive and metal industries in an area of ​​2500 m2, has been constructed with a different understanding with the waste treatment plant, laboratory and equipments to protect the environment.


Aktaş Holding

Chief Executive Officer: Burhan Kurt
Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone Reyhan Sok. No. 3 16245 Osmangazi BURSA / TURKEY
Phone: 90 224 300 00 00
Fax: 90 224 300 00 99
Web: http: My www.aktasholding.co

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