Air conditioners working abnormally in some wagons in BursaRay make passengers sick

To summarize the situation:
As it is known, extreme heat is experienced.
Citizens in these scorching hot weather in a sweaty time, as the moment they rush into BursaRay 'abnormal' working in an abnormally running air conditioners in some of the 'wagon' in the form of an ice-cold environment is officially shocked.
And most of the newspapers in their hands and nylon bags on the head, close to the shoulders of breasts to take action.
This landscape in the modern means of transportation creates a very ridiculous view.
I'm not saying air conditioners don't work; However, these air conditioners in some wagons should not be operated in a high degree to make them sick, and they should be invited to diseases.
BursaRay always very healthy young people, not young people, tiny babies, sick people, the elderly also have to ride.
In these wagons, the extreme cold weather coming from the top and sides with great violence is nothing but invitations to the diseases.
On behalf of our people, I would like to take the action and take measures.

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