First metrobus after Istanbul will be in Denizli

Metrobus comes to Denizli after Istanbul. Metrobuses are expected to start operating within 6 months.
Nahit Kiler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kiler Holding, said in an interview with Habertürk that they have already entered the metrobus business in addition to personnel transportation and VIP transportation.
Stating that they own the public bus public transportation in Denizli and Afyon, Kiler said, “In addition, as Turex, we bought the metrobus operation in Denizli for the first time. The first metrobus after Istanbul will be in Denizli. It will be completed within 6 months. We undertook the operation, ”he said.
Kiler said, “The municipality runs Istanbul. Would you be interested if they hand it over to the private sector? " He gave the following answer to his question:
“The issue of such an intention comes up from time to time. There were privatization thoughts for a while, but if this intention comes to life, we may be interested in Istanbul. We look at the conditions of that day. "

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