Turkey's High-Speed ​​Train, was US Congressman Multi Effects

TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, the US-Turkey of lying in the railways field of cooperation between the stated two countries will make significant contributions to the US Congress member David Price, "I am impressed by Turkey's progress in high-speed trains in the area. We have much to learn from Turkey, "he said.
Karaman and his delegation also held some contacts in the USA, the capital Washington, where they came for World Railways Association (UIC) meetings.
As part of the meetings held in Philadelphia, a series of events were held in the capital for the participants of the conference under the name "Washington Day".
Karaman and his delegation, who first attended the reception held at Union Station in Washington during the day, later contacted the Congress and participated in the lunch program.
Answering the questions of the AA reporter in front of the US Congress after their contacts, Karaman said that the UIC organized a high-speed train conference every 2 years and stated that the previous conference was held in China in 2010 and this year in Philadelphia.
Karaman, Turkey's 8th in the world, 6th in Europe as the country with the high-speed train technology reflects located in uıc'n noted that the board of directors.
Expressing that they attended the UIC Executive Board and General Assembly meetings in Philadelphia yesterday and made a speech about the development of regional activities as a Turkish delegation, Karaman then came to Washington and talked to the Congress members about the development of high speed train in the world.
Stating that the members of the congress said that the high-speed train should be developed in the USA and they will strive for it, Karaman said, “Our whole goal is the development of the high-speed train, the reduction of air pollution in the world and the journeys are more comfortable. To the group of countries with high-speed trains in the world, including Turkey. For this, a program was held here and in Turkey as we participate in this program, "he said.
Karaman, passing back to Philadelphia after Washington, uıc'n of their participation in the High Speed ​​Rail Congress, and will deliver a speech here, also reported some presentations will perform in Turkey.
- "Our relationship develops high-speed trains in the world, Turkey is developing rapidly," -
TCDD General Director Karaman, "Our relationship develops high-speed trains in the world can say that Turkey is developing quickly. Here is the actual result we want to achieve; At a time when traffic accidents are rising around the world, the high-speed train is already on the agenda of the world, and we are currently striving for further development. We are participating in this congress to Turkey, "he said.
Congress will be held in Japan two years later, in 2016 noted that Turkey had applied for foreign as Karaman, "a high probability of adoption. I hope we did in 2016 in Turkey, we think, "he said.
Karaman, a question on Washington House of Representatives Democratic Party, said he had a meeting with the North Carolina lawmaker David Price, "Price, high-speed trains is learned that both were very surprised in Turkey, both were very happy. Price was one found in Turkey. We reported developments on the railways in Turkey itself. In Turkey, the 8th in the world, 6th in European countries that have high-speed train, we said that our government and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's support, "he said.
Price's, has become a political issue between the parties of the high-speed train issues in the United States noted that the transfer of Karaman, "We is not political these issues in Turkey, we really did tell them that everyone's efforts show for the development of railways. Its on Turkey mentioned in his speech at the congress, "he said.
- "We can do some work together as US-Turkey" -
Karaman, on a question, the US member of Congress that Turkey is very developed and said they said it was worthy of the high-speed train system. Other fast train with countries as Turkey's railways stating that he appreciated the steps taken on Karaman, "In a study we did on our already high-speed train is a proud occasion, the morale and motivation of influence among young people, we also found that the combiner. Here, the administrators, who have high-speed trains in their country, stated that their people are also happy with this system in their own countries. ”
Karaman, on the question of potential for cooperation between the US and Turkey in this regard, recalled that currently no high-speed rail system in the US, said:
"US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was riding high-speed train in Turkey, and he was very surprised when he heard 'I'm going to take a fast train to come to Turkey' he said and did. We went to Eskişehir together and visited our factories. There LaHood said, 'We can do business together. Both the US and Turkey can really work together, to learn from Turkey's something, 'he said, he has no desire to work together on this issue While in Turkey he had said. Congressman Price said the same thing.
We hope that we can do some work together. We already have efforts to produce a vehicle together. We also had talks about him. Therefore, we can also make US-Turkey cooperation in the field of railway, will be good for the United States for our country. "
in the speech in Congress in Philadelphia until Karaman, in his speech, he said Turkey's 100th anniversary will tell acres that in 2023 the country would do high-speed train many parts, "Besides, it was our 10 thousand kilometers of high-speed train project and from China We will explain that we will create a continuous line until London. Those who want to invest in Turkey or those who want to establish a partnership with Turkey, will try to explain that the advent of certain technologies in Turkey. Therefore, we will unite with Turkey in an effort to train the world economy, "he said.
- "There is a lot we can learn from Turkey" -
Congressman Price, one of the active advocates of the high-speed train at the Congress, said that he was very happy to meet with the Turkish delegation as part of this important international conference while answering the questions of the AA reporter.
Price noted:
"I know about the developments in Turkey's high-speed train much more than the area previously learned, really impressed. High-speed trains increasingly important means of transport and Turkey, helping to spearhead the development of this system in the international community. We have much to learn from Turkey. We have problems with high-speed train because Republicans in Congress are seriously opposed to investment in this regard. Therefore, we'll do what it has got more residential and Turkey in many countries, including the widespread view that these systems get political support and incentives can be an example for the United States. "

Source: Haberciniz

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