The Gar Building is located in Sakarya and a light rail system is between the Station Building and the New Terminal.

The station building is in place, the light rail system comes between the station building and the new terminal.
Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu made this statement.
Since there will be a light rail system between the Station Building and the New Terminal, the construction of a new business center is finished with this statement.
Now, the Metropolitan Municipality will create a large green area, the breathing zone, which will create a beautiful texture with Kent Square by the arrangement it will make in the Gar Square.
First of all, I would like to thank who has the signature of this city.
I am confident that with the arrangement to be made to the Gar Square, which has been abandoned to its fate for years, it will be a place where the citizen will pass with peace of mind and to sit and relax.
The fact that the station building does not rise and brings passengers to the new terminal as a light rail system brings with it the question ım What will be the impact on traffic? Hafif.
In other words, even when the 18 reciprocates to Haydarpaşa on a daily basis, a light rail system is replaced by a light rail system instead of a train that causes trouble in the crossings, and that the citizens will ask us tren Will it not affect the traffic? Karşılıklı.
. I wish the railroad would have been a nice boulevard in the area on top if it was taken from the ground since Mithatpaşa, “he added.
It would be perfect, but I think the cost of this work is higher than the Metropolitan.
The fact that trains do not work in the 30 moon is an excellent opportunity to be taken to this underground.
While I was eating at Haydarpasa Station in Istanbul, I overheard certain people from the speeches they had from TCDD.
Adapazarı-Haydarpasa line is the most profitable line of TCDD were talking about. They were also strongly opposed to being moved from the Center to the New Terminal.
One of them even attended a meeting with the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, and they talked about what was said.
Minister of Transport, Binali Yildirim, looking at the request of the municipality, the new terminal to be approved, TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman asked not to move persistently, has offered various alternatives.
In order not to go to the New Terminal in terms of affecting the traffic of the train crossings, he offered the passages 'let's do the overpass and overpass'.
Of course, when the train goes to the New Terminal, there is a big loss of passengers.
The other on the table yolcu Going to the new terminal means half the passenger loss. The man has a certain time that came for the train to the new terminal. On the other hand, a bus leaves 10 per minute from the terminal. The passenger will prefer the bus immediately if it is in a hurry. That is why the train must be removed from the center. A
The other is; Yle 30 trains in Adapazari for the month of 1 will not work from February. That's when the passages will affect traffic, whether or not it will be much better. To me, the solution must be the bottom or overpass. It is a pity to both TCDD and the citizens. Definitely should not go to the New Terminal. Kesinlikle
According to this talk, TCDD does not look to move to the new terminal. General Director Süleyman Karaman's proposal to make the lower and upper pass to the grounds that the passages are blocked in order not to move, may also be taken into consideration.
However, he has now received the approval of the Metropolitan Minister Binali Yıldırım.
If the subway and underpass can undertake to undertake the underground railways from Mithatpaşa then TCDD can do.
So everyone is pleased.
The train stays in place. From Mithatpaşa, a boulevard is acquired by taking it under the ground. Citizen is also the most economical journey from the train left.

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