Not a Metrobus, the rail system is safer

These kinds of accidents in Istanbul are upsetting us. I follow the issue through you through the press. Metrobuses do not enter within the service arm of Transportation Officer-Sen. We are engaged in the business of rail systems. Metrobuses are the service arm of municipalities. I cannot say that the Metrobuses are healthy if you ask my personal opinion as a transporter and not as my institution. The result is a vehicle that looks normal on the wheel on a straight road. The driver is a driver. In the same way, a machinist uses the vehicle in rail systems. But the fact that he goes on a rail prevents an accident. Reduces it to less. I'm an annual 25. Nowadays railroad systems are common in the smallest provinces. It's underground and above ground. This system is also available in Ankara. This relieves transportation and reduces the accident rate. The resolution of Istanbul traffic can only be solved by underground and surface rail systems.

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