Revolution or TCDD's transfer?

We finally learned about Transport Officer Sen's thoughts on the liberalization (privatization of TCDD). The most important of Transportation said it was working with the liberalization of the railways and related TCDD's privatization law have said that it is not a revolution of recent years in Turkey.
The sub-structure will remain in the state have commanded. Of course, the son of the hand to stay in the state of the most cost and have no return to undertake the work. Especially the fast train infrastructure. Dear General Manager High-speed train from Ankara to Eskisehir, the money spent by 400 pounds says. It is true. However, the actual operating cost of a business, but we will learn.
In the same statement; Acak TÜRKTREN A.Ş, which will serve as TÜRKTREN A.Ş. The first 5 damages will be covered by the state. Railroad employees will not be victimized by the law, they will not be transferred to other institutions. Acak
How, after the 5 year, the traumatization of TURKTREN and the salaries of the employees? He doesn't say anything about it.
In addition, the provisional 1 in the final provisions of the Sixth Section in the draft law. 2 of matter. ”The staff and positions that TÜRKTREN AŞ needs are determined by the Board of Directors ır, while the UÇMS expresses how promising staff can provide such promising guarantees in relation to job security.
In another surprising and thought-provoking case, the opinion about TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ was not reported. In any case, these institutions were dismissed in UÇMS as TCDD Management did.
Anyway, as a result of this law, we learned the ideas related to this law. This law, which abolishes all the obstacles to subcontracting and service procurement, is defined as u REVOLUTION Taş and it is in compliance with the establishment purpose of the Transport Officer. The General Manager of TCDD also defended the privatization practices under the name of liberalization with similar expressions to these statements. They've completed each other.
Of course, innovations are needed for TCDD to achieve a more contemporary structure. However, it should be kept in mind that TCDD was established for public service. This draft will transfer the initiative to the private sector, especially in freight transport. In addition, it is not true that the competition in passenger transportation and thus a more comfortable journey will be offered cheaper. Passengers will be given hours and routes will be given to the following companies, and passengers who will operate on other lines will be given a passenger and cargo guarantee. As it was done with the aircraft companies.
The subject of üşt the priority of customer satisfaction esi, which will be enshrined in the personnel regime law that will be enacted soon, will turn the public employee into a slave of the private enterprise. Because the customer's complaint about the staff in one day will result in the termination of the employment of those personnel.
The purpose, logic and purpose in the preparation of these studies under the name of Friends restructuring is the interest of the organization and the interests of the personnel. The main purpose of the restructuring works is to expand the profit areas and rates of the global capital by removing our institutions from the purpose of establishment. No matter which union you belong to, please ask your trade unions. Not just UCMS. Interrogate unions and trade unionists who are opposed to this law. Instead of thinking of resigning from trade unions, seek to suck trade unionism with the sergeant relations of the union, to the President of the Republic, and to send the burritos, which are behind the reputation of their position, to the house.

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