Hitachi proposes air rails to ease traffic in Istanbul

The installation of 100. He opened a liaison office at the turn of the year the office in Istanbul Turkey Japan-based Hitachi Group aims to increase its activities in Turkey was caught high growth rates.
At the end of the year, Hitachi Europe Group President Sir Stephen Gomersall, who announced that he would combine the sales, supply and distributorship services in Istanbul, offered a rail system to the megacenter traffic. Gomersall said, liği The most important feature of this system is that it goes on a single rail. The system wants partial sensitivity to construction. We believe that Turkish companies with significant experience in the construction sector will be successful in this. B The company has solutions at different speeds between city and city traffic. Gomersall, pointing out that one of them is in the point that the high intensity of the city in Far Eastern countries, the preferred rail, "Our talks with the authorities concerned in Turkey with our high-speed train system that can bring a solution to the traffic problem continues." He said. Turkey plans to expand its existing activities in cooperation with Turkish companies will establish companies, especially clean energy, tend to favor projects related to water and infrastructure services. In the smart board device, which is an important part of FATIH project, it is included with Vestel.

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