Tram becomes a bridal car in Eskişehir

28-year-old Berkan Ergüt, who worked as an attendant on the trams of the Metropolitan Municipality in Eskişehir, which carries passengers in the city, married 27-year-old Bengül Koçanlı (Ergüt), who was working as an administrator in a classroom he fell in love with. After the wedding, the groom used the tram, and the bride sat next to him.
Berkan Ergüt, who has been working as a trainee for the Metropolitan Municipality ESTRAM Company for 2 years, married with the class manager Bengül Ergüt. After the wedding, the young couple came to the tram stop in front of the Aviation Museum in Yeni Bağlar Neighborhood with a car they used as a bridal car. The couple welcomed tram workers and relatives here.
A vatman, who used the tram that made the bus terminal-Yunus Emre State Hospital expedition, got off the tram from the Aviation Museum stop and gave his place to his colleague Erkan Ergüt. Damat Erkan Ergüt seated Bengül Ergüt next to him. Erkan Ergüt gave the tram back to his colleague in front of Yunus Emre State Hospital, which was the last stop, after using 2 stops. Those who saw the groom using the tram and the bride next to him were surprised.
The bride and groom at the stop of the Eskişehir Yunus Emre State Hospital in the tram station where the passengers were passed. The couple came here standing in front of the Aviation Museum where the bride car was traveling. Those on the tram celebrated the pair.
Damat Berkan Ergüt said, “I have been working as a trainee for 2 years. I used the tram after the wedding to keep it as a memory in our marriage. "It was a surprise for my wife."

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