Tram In The City Of Eskişehir

Berkan Ergüt, who was born in Eskişehir in the city center of Eskişehir, served as a passenger in the city transportation. After the wedding the groom used the tram, and the bride sat next to him.
Berkan Ergüt, who served as a homestead host to the ESTRAM Company since the 2 years, married Bengül Ergüt, the headmaster of the class. Young couple after the wedding bride used a car as a stop by the car in front of the new stop in the Baghdad Airport in the Baghdad. Pair here welcomed relatives with tram employees.
Otogar-Yunus Emre State Hospital, who used a tram to the expedition, the Aviation Museum stop the tram from the station and gave place to his colleague Erkan Ergüt'e. Damat Erkan Ergüt also placed Bengül Ergüt on the spot. Erkan Ergüt gave the tram to his colleague in front of Yunus Emre State Hospital, which was the last stop after using the 2 stall. The groom was surprised to see the groom and the bride with him.
The bride and groom at the stop of the Eskişehir Yunus Emre State Hospital in the tram station where the passengers were passed. The couple came here standing in front of the Aviation Museum where the bride car was traveling. Those on the tram celebrated the pair.
Damat Berkan Ergüt, X I have been working as a homeland for 2 years. I used the tram after the wedding to remain a memory of our marriage. It was also a surprise for my wife. Eş

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