6 from Izmir-Bandırma to 4 hours by electric train

Electric trains will be used on this line with the renovation works on the railway line between İzmir-Bandırma. After the completion of the line renewal work will begin to be used electric trains on the line 120 speed will be able to speed. TCDD 3. The Regional Directorate started to work on the renewal of the 52 kilometer railway between Manisa and Akhisar with the latest technology and materials used abroad, as it will perform electric and signal train operations between İzmir and Bandırma.
Governor Halil İbrahim Daşöz, TCDD 3. TCDD 3. He worked with Sabahattin Eris, the Regional Manager.
90 SPEED UP TO 120
Governor Daşöz, TCDD 3. Regional Directorate of the work between Manisa-Akhisar is a very large investment, he said. The Governor Daşöz stated that the existing lines were renewed and improved, and added, yenil In this new system, trains with electric signals will work. This line is İzmir, Manisa, Akhisar, Balıkesir, Bandırma line. All around 340 kilometers. The renovation tools here are today's most advanced tools. 600 does the work that the worker will do. 5 hours per day is running. At the same time the current expedition continues. It continues to work in such a way as not to interfere with him. All railroads and traverse are being replaced. They do all the same machine-controlled machine. The train is much stronger, more durable and even longer. This work will bring huge advantages in freight transportation. It will enable you to move faster. On the existing railway, speed could not be made more than 90 kilometers. On the road to the newly made train 120 will go quickly at mileage. In the future they will be integrated into the fast teres. İler
TCDD 3. Regional Director Sabahattin Eris, TCDD in the province of Manisa within the boundaries of their work will exceed 700 million TL, he said.
Accessing Menemen-Manisa to be the 3 line, Access said, aktar All of these lines will be electrified and electric trains will work. It's going to be signaled, so there won't be any more officers in those stations. The whole line is made by automatic machines. It will be finished in the middle of September. We do 720 meters per day. We are working 5 hours to avoid disrupting train traffic. At the end of the 5 hour, all trains can pass through the 50 mileage.

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