3 the third bridge to the tender, Istanbul where?

Next week, 10 January is an important day for Istanbul. Because the 3 third bridge will be auctioned! The civilization of the Faculty of Forestry says that civil society ”don't hit Istanbul's lungs Orman, but who cares?
Istanbul was announced before the election of the 3 bridge. I was even told the prime minister chose the route. With the announcement of the ortaya crazy project ıl, the location of the 3 third bridge, which has not been auctioned and has not been consulted, has been clearly revealed.
Of course, speculation came in a row.
The media organized tours to the 'charming Black Sea village' Garipçe, whose face will change with the bridge… While one group said, “We need five, not three, for the relief of traffic in Istanbul”, another group argued that the 3rd bridge will bring great damage to Istanbul. Professional associations applied to the court.
Discussions, as always, were overshadowed by other discussions. Do not think that the 3rd bridge has been forgotten! No sir, even the date of the tender is certain… Moreover, although an expert was requested for the bridge by a court decision, no expert was appointed!
University report: Don't grind!
I reviewed the 3 bridge report of the Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry. Yahu, at least if the reader of this report is a conscience conscience, at least tries to act in accordance with the rule. Because the 3 bridge will be the harshest blow to Istanbul.
1. FOREST: Istanbul is covered with forests, a great chance for the city and its people. This is because the fresh air produced by filtering the dust in the air and the carbon capture in the air increases the air and quality of life of the city with the prevailing winds blowing from the north. The urban people and foresters of many developed western countries are proud of the fresh air it provides to the cities of their forests.
2. WATER: The forests in the north of Istanbul also meet the city's need for drinking and utility water. The basins of the dams and streams on the European and Anatolian sides with a total water storage capacity of 817.6 million m3 are in these forests. Belgrad Forests have been meeting the water needs of Istanbul for hundreds of years.
3. ECOSYSTEM: Belgrad Forest is very rich in biological diversity; 402 plant species lives here. 42 species daytime butterfly, 146 bird species, about 22 mammal species, various frogs and reptiles live in the Belgrad Forest. Istanbul and its surrounding forest areas are among the important bird migration areas of the world.
You will not sew instead of cut.
One of the factors that threaten the biodiversity in the world is the division of large living environments by means of ways to be made, and thus changing the way of use of these environments.
According to the report of the Faculty of Forestry, it has been insistently emphasized that the destruction to be made in the forests of Istanbul cannot be eliminated in a short time… And it is very difficult to recover it. I write this specifically because some ignorant people make fools of people by saying "We sew instead of what we cut".
There is no such world!
Moreover, the government gave some promises to combat climate change. The 3 bridge and the North Marmara highway will be an excellent choice to increase carbon emissions! ..
I haven't even been able to come to the damages that the 3rd bridge will bring to the city and human health ...
. Life is not a bridge, not a bridge, not a bridge, not a bridge, it is public transportation, UM he says.
The platform is calling on 10 January 2012 on Tuesday to prevent anyone from committing to the 'General Directorate of Highways' in Ankara.

Source: street.milliyet.com.tr

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