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BursaRay Rotterdam Vehicles and Construction
BursaRay Rotterdam Vehicles and Construction

📩 22/03/2019 22:28

BURULAŞ, who suffered from the international market, started to use the vehicle in the current lines of Bursaray and in the coming months.

The other day we talked with BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy. Previously, we have heard that the company is looking for a used wagon in European cities. However, Fidansoy has also returned from abroad with the powder of his feet. We wanted to ask the General Manager to find out first-hand.

BURULAS General Manager Fidansoy vehicle search and purchase business confirmed.

Directly from Germany, an agent-free municipality, the city business 24 agreed to buy a second-hand wagon.

Fidansoy, the German city of vehicles from the future and the brand is hidden. However, we believe that Bombardier's second-hand vehicles will be brought to Bursa. Fidansoy said they bought each of their used wagons from the 45 bin and they are very well-qualified.

Former tram wagons used in Incirli previously purchased from 40 thousand euros, indicating that Fidansoy, each of the vehicles they agreed on a matter of two months will come to Bursa records.

Fidansoy pointed out the need for vehicles in the system, hat We need urgent need of the car before the Kestel line is activated. It is not possible for us to provide this immediately in terms of zero vehicles. So we turned to the second hand, Bu he says.

Meanwhile, each of the rail vehicles to be taken from Germany is said to have traveled 2,5 million kilometers. Considering that the 10 cars used in the system for the 1 year in Bursa have reached 250 million kilometers with the 1,5 million 50 bin, it is understood that the used vehicles from Germany are quite old and old. XNUMX is known to have an annual service life of the rail vehicles, this is not a problem with care. While the works on wagon production are accelerating in Bursa, such intermediate purchases are sometimes needed to meet the immediate needs.
It is known that the Metropolitan Municipality encouraged two bus manufacturers in Bursa on the production of wagons.

Prohibition of sculpture on the bus

BURULAŞ, who took over from the Metropolitan Municipality for the 10 year of the rail system with the public transportation of rubber-wheeled (private-public) public transportation vehicles in the previous day, has become the sole boss of the urban transportation.
This decision was completely abolished at the Directorate of Bus Operations, and the Director was given to the Teleferik. BURULAŞ is the only authorized person to transfer the 3 of the net income to the Metropolitan.

Atatürk Street, where a thousand 300 buses depart per day, will take great breath.

The majority of the buses will run as a feeding line to the tram lines of the Stadium and City Square with the Acemler, Merinos, Arabayatağı metro stations.

Thus, the number of buses passing through Atatürk Street will be reduced to 350.

Before the T1 line, the planning works in this direction are also going on.

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