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Uludag Alpine Model Cable Car

In the renewed project of the ropeway which became the symbol of Bursa and put into service in 1963, access to the summit will be done with gondola type cable cars used in the Alpine mountains. The project, which will cost 40 million Euros, is planned to be completed annually. [more…]

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Main Streets in Bursa

As an alternative to urban transportation, it is time for construction of the tram line. Altepe Mayor Altepe, "Bursa transportation, the streets of the world cities aim to provide vehicles with adornment," he said. Metropolitan Municipality who does not want to waste time, [more…]

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Curiosities in the tram debate

The subject of transportation was discussed in Bursa City Council. As you know, Bursa's transportation problem is huge. Therefore, alternative means of transportation and convenience are important. kazanhe's eating. The tender for the Sculpture tram line called T1 was made. [more…]

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Bursa's Steel (and Composite) Silkworm

Bursa produced the first Turkish tram. Its design and production is almost one hundred percent domestic. An important transformation project. The visionary driving force of the project is Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe. Of course there are other 'heroes' behind it. [more…]


Where will TÜVASAŞ be transported?

“The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yildirim confused heads in his speech at the wagon delivery ceremony to Bulgaria in the last week regarding the transportation of TÜVASAŞ to Ferizli“ The factory is already here, there is no place.. "She [more…]

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'Will climb the Silkworm Sculpture'

The City Council discussed the important issues of the city 'Bursa Speaks' meeting 'Bursa Tram System' was discussed. Speaking at the meeting of the Metropolitan Mayor Consultant Taha Aydin, Sculpture-Garage (T1) tram lines and Turkey [more…]


Minister Yıldırım: Railways said now ready

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the railways have become ready for liberalization with the investments made in 9 years, and that they made their presentation to the Council of Ministers on Monday, that the law will be enacted this year, and that the implementation will continue. [more…]