Youth Train departs

"Under the Youth in our train-this country" project, the 19-29 age group from young people, Turkey will show the overall youth train, transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and Youth and Sports Minister headed a ceremony Suat Kilic participated.
Youth and Sports Ministry TCDD prepared to cooperate "under the Youth in our train-this country" project, the 19-29 age group from young people, Turkey will show the overall youth train, transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and Youth and Sports Minister He set out with a ceremony attended by Suat Kılıç.
Minister Yıldırım, in his speech at the ceremony held prior to the movement of the train, that will show young people to Turkey and Turkey to recognize the Youth Train farewell delighted to come, he said.
Reminding one of the words of a thinker, “He does not plant a tree of knowledge in his youth, he cannot find a shadow to relax in his old age,” Minister Yıldırım said, “Future informatics, future youth”. Stating that 100 percent of the country's population will be today's youth in the future, Yıldırım thanked Minister Kılıç for his decision to organize such a project with TCDD.
Railways 1,5 symbol of sometimes Turkey's independence with a history spanning centuries, sometimes the economy, development is the driving force, sometimes joys, crave, has become the song of country love expressing Lightning, sometimes young, elderly 75m from east to west, from north He said that it is a very important transportation vehicle that unites and connects to the south.
Stating that young people will have the opportunity to see every corner of the country from Samsun to Gaziantep, from Ankara to Kars on this train, which will set off as "This country is ours," Yıldırım said, "Indeed, seeing our country like heaven and saying 'this country is ours', You will become "he said.
Stating that most of the young people boarded the train for the first time in the suburbs, Yıldırım noted that some of the young people who will travel with the Youth Train will go on the intercity train journey for the first time.
Noting that the train journey is not just a journey Minister Yıldırım, said:
“Train journey is a passion, a culture, a folklore, a country's love. Over the years, many sad and joyful compositions and tricks have been made on the trains. Whoever you ask for the train routes; He says 'I like it very much', 'I love to travel by train', but unfortunately because of the forgotten roads of the country in the last 50 years, he has lost blood more and more, it has become almost unreadable in country transportation, passenger transportation, freight transportation, 2-3 percent. has become available at the level of. However, despite the fact that it is an almost alone way of transportation by sea, by air in terms of environmental safety, travel comfort, and economy, we have neglected while paying attention to the world railways, despite being the transportation sector of the future. However, this negligence ended in 2003. We continue to the railway projects that we started with the instruction of our Prime Minister. We completely renewed 11 percent of our 75 thousand kilometer line. In many of our lines, signaling and electrication works continue. For 50 years, we would have eliminated the high-speed train longing that this country has longed for. Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Istanbul next year, the Seljuks with the introduction next year of her line Ankara-Sivas, the capital of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey will be tied together by high-speed train line.
This country is ours, this country is ours. Regardless of whoever does, whatever separatists do, our love for this country with young and old people, our belief in this country, our confidence in the future of this country will continue to increase. In vain, bloody terrorist organizations should not consume their energy. If one of you to say words, they came to this country's development, reconstruction, what we can do for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, they reveal them. These efforts are empty efforts. We have suffered, will be, but our belief in this country will never and never decrease, it will continue increasingly. The answer to this is these young people. You are the guarantee of this country, you are the guarantee of the unity and solidarity of this country. ”
Thanking the Minister of Youth and Sports Kılıç and everyone who contributed, Minister Yıldırım said to the young people, "May your path and luck be clear."
- The Minister of Youth and Sports Kılıç-
Youth and Sports Minister Kılıç also wished that the Youth Train will be beneficial to the country and the nation. Expressing his excitement for taking part in such a project, Kılıç noted that he was on the suburban train in Ankara when he first read the train.
With this project important to the young people, explaining that they offer a great opportunity Kilic, Turkey's youth north, south, east, west will have the opportunity to go to every party, he said. locomotives in the coming years, increasing the number of trains and more young people in Turkey every corner to take the opportunity to capture the wish that the sword, while preparing this project, "This country is ours", he said they had contacted the foreground. Turkey's Sword indicating that youth who does not see a lot, east of young people in the west, east and the west, south of the north, to see the north of the southern and said that they wish to be noticed by all young people of the total value in every part of the country.
Reminding that the famous poet Nazım Hikmet brought together the expression “This is our country” for the first time in his poem “This is our country”, Kılıç said that they were inspired when determining the slogan of the train.
Stating that young people will say "This country is ours" on their way, Kılıç said:
“They will have demonstrated how we are clamped in line with the belief and ideal of a single country, a single state, a single flag, a single nation, and this belief, this will will answer many things. Last yesterday we martyred 4 of our brave people in our fight against divisive terrorism. Turkey, the subject of the struggle of the Turkish nation that will continue with determination, but our new generation of young people to uproot the terror, terror also creates factors of the nation to eliminate, state, country to country to, a very large beliefs road hugging the flag like this through the youth project will have found it strongly. We believe in this wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, with great faith. ”
Stating that it is impossible to implement the project without TCDD, Kılıç said that TCDD supported the project in this process without any account, book, profit or loss account.
“Binali brother is our Yıldırım minister. Surname Yıldırım, but a minister working like lightning. ”Kılıç also thanked Minister Yıldırım. Kılıç stated that Türk Ekonomi Bank (TEB) also supported the project with 1 million liras and thanked TEB General Manager Varol Civil.
Minister Kılıç said, “The Youth Train sets off with love, respect, virtue, with the beliefs, cultures, sacreds, land and flag of our nation that made these lands home. He said, "Let the young people go without trouble and let them return without any accident, and their mothers and fathers."
After the speeches, Minister Kılıç took the train to travel with the youth until Kırıkkale. Minister Yıldırım also gave the movement of the train.

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