AK Party Konya deputy Hussein Üzülmez, concerning the Turkish warplane downed by Syria, "Syria's lowering the Turkish warplanes, hoping to test the strength of purpose that made Turkey. Turkey approached the event with equanimity because of the state in the international arena continues to be a great event evaluations using all convectors "he said.
Hüseyin Üzülmez, who touched on the topic of High Speed ​​Train Works, said, una The tender process of the high speed train sets is continuing. When those studies are finished, 70 from Ankara to Konya will be down in minutes. Our goal as a government, Turkey's mid-speed train line from one end to making all ancillary lines to equip Turkey with the fast train, "he said.
Gar tender, but less than three of the firm applied to the contract on the withdrawal of the contract will be re-opened, in July, a tender will be opened again, he said.

Source: Media 73

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