Transportation in New Istanbul will be provided by Havaray, High Speed ​​Train, Tram and Metro

The transportation of Yenişehir will be provided by high-speed train, tram and metro. In the plan, it is planned to minimize the use of vehicles in land traffic and to emphasize the use of bicycles by public transportation. The energy need of the city, which consists of 8 thousand 100 hectares, will be provided from solar energy and electricity from recycling. A certain part of the city will be in the form of Turkish neighborhoods built with Seljuk architecture. In some areas, the tallest building will be limited to 4-8 floors, while the 300-meter-high skyscrapers will rise in the trade and tourism concept region.
The biggest transportation legs of the city, which is designed with an understanding that provides transportation via public transportation, bicycle and walking paths, will be the high-speed train and havaray. The rail system to be built for the airport will be integrated with the metro in the center and rapid transportation will be provided. In addition, transportation will be made to transfer centers by bus and airfield. One of the most important innovations brought by Yenişehir is the special roads to be built for transportation by bicycle. Yenişehir will consist of 4 main regions. Residential areas will be located in the first region. The first building to be connected to the new highway to be built after the third bridge will not exceed 24 meters in the highest building. In the 2nd region where the World Trade Center, Financial Center, Tourism and entertainment centers will be located, the tallest building will be 100 floors. Building height will not exceed 300 meters. The buildings in the 2nd region, which will be built in the heart of the new city, will be the center of economic and touristic movements. A marina of 500 yachts will be built on the seashore of the region. The third region, designed as the Olympic village, will be built step by step in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. The transportation of the region where the sportive areas and the media village will be located will be provided by air. The region, which will be built entirely after the Olympics, will include a 25-capacity university, research hospital and technopark. There will also be ferry services to reach the central points of Istanbul. The fourth district of the new city will be built for settlement and health purposes. Apart from the parts where the residential areas will be located, a spa facility will be established. In addition, a private university with a capacity of 15 thousand will be built.
In the settlement areas, traditional Turkish architecture will be created. High floors will not be allowed in the building where elements such as worship area, street and neighborhood square will be considered. 300 thousand vehicle capacity will be built in giant underground car parks. Green zones will separate the four regions. No extra construction will be allowed outside the existing structure of the city. Large green bands will be formed between independent zones such as finance, settlement and airport.

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