When the Metrobus failed, the citizens walked for miles.
A metrobus operating between Zincirlikuyu and Avcılar failed in Okmeydanı area. In the evening, thousands of people were trying to go home with metrobus stayed on the road. Citizens tired of waiting to get off the vehicles walked for miles.
Passengers waiting for the fault to be remedied for a long time, reacted to the situation. Citizens, metrobus had to walk down to the stall. Authorities indicating that the engine occurred in the engine part of the breakdown, technical teams notified. The malfunctioning metrobus was repaired after approximately 1 and an hour.
Meanwhile, the passengers reacting to the situation said, “We are infamous with our money. We got off work at 7 and a half hours, we've been here. We still can't go, we are still here. We stay here tonight. ” They expressed their reactions in the form.
The road was repaired again by repairing the faulty metrobus.

Source : I www.haberturk.co



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