Within the scope of the revised action plan of GAP, the railway network will be extended to Habur Border Gate

Under the revised action plan of the Southeastern Anatolia Project, the railway network will be extended to the Habur Border Gate. Thus, Turkey has become the second largest export port is aimed at further increasing the volume of foreign trade to the Irak`L. The Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Transport will act jointly.
which ranks second in Turkey's exports are being taken a new step to increase trade with Iraq. The issue of extending the national railway network to Habur was discussed. The Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) Action Plan will be revised and the railway network will be expanded. Ministry of Development, neighboring countries within the scope of increasing trade with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications will knock on the door. Following the acceptance of the project, a goods loaded from Istanbul Haydarpaşa to the train can be sent by rail to Habur Border Gate. The complete source for the problem to be pointed out that a senior economic official project of the exports from Turkey to Iraq with the completion of the work will endure, he said. Irak`L to the volume of foreign trade in the second country after Germany, where the largest amount of Turkey's exports is increasing with each passing day.
the new railway route as well as the GAP Action Plan under Turkey's high-speed train projects implemented in different cities will be given weight. In this context, the first high-speed railway line between Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa will be built. Ministry of Transport `s study of the project continues to transfer the Ministry of Development resources, high-speed train service will serve all the provinces in time, he said. In addition to the connection to the railway network, the Southeastern Anatolia Region and the Black Sea Region to connect each other is focusing on a new road work. According to information obtained from the north-south connection with a product produced in the GAP, the Black Sea port will be transported by highway.
Minister of Development Cevdet Yilmaz, who is responsible for the GAP, stated that they aim to move the GAP further and stated that they have revised the GAP Action Plan. According to the information provided by the Minister Yilmaz, the share of the GAP region investments in the central budget rose from 7 to 14 percent after the activities carried out within the scope of the plan. GAP 2007 percent of the overall cash realization rate of 62,2 4 percent 86 per year reached. Expressing that the area opened to irrigation in the region has reached 370 thousand 418 hectares, Yilmaz said that the construction of the main canals to serve the 498 thousand 728 hectares area has started and that most of it has come to completion at the end of the year.
In his speech at the end of the GAP Action Plan Revision Meeting held in Diyarbakır, Minister of Development Cevdet Yılmaz said that the meeting was extremely productive. With the action plan in 2008, a huge investment attack started in these regions and the investments accelerated. kazanYılmaz said that they are the government that is always on the ground, not sitting in Ankara. Stating that they have shaped and implemented their policies with the participation and contribution of all actors and related parties with a participatory approach, Yılmaz said, “In the new period, we will continue with a human-oriented development approach that emphasizes more qualified, inclusive and more people. The region is not really an ordinary region. We want; Let this region regain its superiority from history, especially under the conditions of the 21st century. Let it be a shining star again.” said.

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