HAS Party Provincial Chairman of the Board; Railway Transportation and Adıyaman Will Receive This Service

During the visit made by the HAS Party Adıyaman Provincial Directorate to the Adıyaman Journalists Association, the railway project, which is the subject of the last days, was brought to the agenda. The Minister of Transport had left expectations empty, by the press members of HAS Party Adıyaman Provincial Lawyer Av. Mustafa was asked to Alkayış.
According to the information received by the correspondent of the Electronic News Agency (e-ha), Alkayış said that the railway is a serious need for our city and said, “As a country, we should insist on our request? said. Alkayış said that the Minister of Transportation wasted expectations in his visit to our city and said, "The Minister has upset our citizens." It is said that the railway is demanded especially by our industrialists. said. HAS Party Adıyaman Province President Atty. Mustafa Alkayış: As HAS Party, we are the followers of this issue from the beginning. In fact, the visit of the Minister of Transport to our city was a very good opportunity to meet this demand. However, the representatives of the government in our province remained in the classroom as usual. They could not get a word from the Minister of Transport on this matter.
So they had an opportunity. However, the railway is especially demanded by industrialists and businessmen. Because shipping charges are very high. The railroad is really both cheap and of good quality. We also know that the government has made an effort on railway transportation. They both overhaul existing railways and rehabilitate new railways. Unfortunately, those who have a say in our city cannot do what they need. As a province, we must insist on this. If we insist on our demands, it is absolutely necessary.
To turn off the closed ears of the authorities we need to shout loudly our demands. Railway transportation is the right of our city. We're gonna get this right? in the form of.

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