Implementation Guide for Wagon Owner Self-Declaration (KSD) and European Intermediate Solutions

Private Freight Car Owners Association
19.11.2010 date 2010 / 23 VPI-Newsletter
ECM (Organization in Charge of Maintenance): here: Owner - Self Declaration
The wagon owners specified in the ECM shall
Partner Sector Group (JSP) The application guide with Annex 1 requests that the Bey Wagon Owner Self-Declaration (KSD) Ortak be observed.
In order for the Railway Organizations Safety certificate 2011 to be issued, the EVU must provide assurance to tow only the wagons designated for ECM.
As the latest version of the ECM Directives is not yet available, two migration solutions are available (ECM Certificates and ECM Declarations in the memorandum of understanding).
Documents for both transition solutions will be published on ERA's Web site.
Unfortunately, the EVU does not know with certainty that the ECM has been set for each wagon, as only the wagon owner is known and the National Vehicle Registration has not yet been communicated to the ECM. In order to close this information gap, which is necessary, the wagon owner must voluntarily submit a self-declaration according to the ECM's specifications.
UIP, UIC and ERFA, propose the following statements:
”I, the owner of the wagon, only work with ECMs certificates“ or
”I, the owner of the wagon has ECM on my wagons“
This wagon owner's self-declaration will be published on the ERA website.
Thus, the ECM Declaration information and the wagon owner self-declaration are combined and the Railway Authorities are given complete information on which qualified ECM wagon was repaired.
The app's manual of JSG is attached in English in Appendix-1 (German version is below). An example of the wagon owner's self-declaration is attached in Annex 2.
Appendix 1: Application Manual KSD with Appendix V 1.1
Appendix 2: Declaration of Wagon Owner
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